Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It's OK Tuesday!

Joining the It's OK Tuesday linkup with Airing My Laundry again this week!!  It's just so much fun!!

This week's round up:

It's ok....

  • to eat quesadillas three nights in a row
  • eat sour cream with a date of January 11th on the container....you'll still be alive the next day
  • to dance around the kitchen to Justin Bieber every now and then.
  • to go ahead and love yourself! LOL
  • to spend the day in bed
  • to read a whole book in one sitting
  • to spend an hour looking for something that was in front of your face the whole time!
  • to wear a red bra and panties even if no one but you sees them...Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.
  • to run the dishwasher with nothing on the bottom rack.
  • to wear leggings  and rain boots to work five days in a row....
  • to break out in a sweat while spending 25 minutes struggling to get your rain boots off!!
  • to rock out at Mass, and still be talking about it days later!
  • to wonder if someone never got your text, because they never texted you back (my phone is the worst!)
  • to not be that excited for your birthday this year!

Airing My Dirty Laundry

Hope everyone's having a great Tuesday!!



  1. I love reading!

    And I also love quesadillas. I have a maker so I have those a lot for lunch.

    1. Guacamole and quesadillas are two things Military Husband won't eat with me! And I love them! Any chance you'll be stationed in Texas??

    2. There's a chance, yes ;) I'll be writing more in a future blog post.

    3. Yessss! Can we be besties please and thank you? Haha ;)

  2. I could eat quesadillas every day too. Love these posts!

  3. I agree with like every single one of these! Especially the dancing the Bieber LOL! xoxoxoxox Amanda

  4. Haha these are great! Love the one about getting your rain boots off!

  5. oh fun! and yes to the quesadillas every day. As a matter of fact that might be my small dinner tonight :)

  6. There is nothing wrong with wearing leggings everyday! Sometimes I feel sorry for people wearing regular pants. Jump on the bandwagon, people! :)


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