Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Moments of Gratitude

I've been loving my bloggy buddy, Shaunacey's posts, Monday Moments of Gratitude.  And have been wanting to write one for a while and link up!  Today's the day.  Here are a few things I'm particularly grateful for these days!!

The quiet time spent reading and reflecting while participating in my Best Lent Ever.
Best Lent Ever

A sister who can cook! 
My sister and nieces came to spend Friday night with me and we had an early birthday celebration.  I was so glad with my sister came with her grocery bags.  She wanted to make me dinner rather than go out, because it was so cold.  I was secretly hoping she would choose this.  Because she's a great cook, it always something healthy, different and something I've never eaten! On Friday's menu...zucchini pasta with shrimp and scallops! I thoroughly enjoyed it and there were plenty of leftovers!! Regretting I didn't take a pic!  

Friends who make it a point to stay in touch.
I have been teaching at my school now for ten years.  Before I was there I was at another school for just 4.  In those 4 years I made a life long friend in Joanne.  She stayed at my first school until she retired about 5/6 ago.  On every day off we try to get together for lunch. Often times her sweet husband will come along.  I just love them both.  We have so much fun eating good food gossipping and laughing!!  Can't wait to see them today!
Christmas dinner!

Cancelled plans
I was looking forward to spending this weekend with my best friends. Celebrating birthdays and promotions, eating some good food, drinking lots and having a big ol' slumber party.  But on Saturday morning we got a text that my friend had the stomach virus.  Boooo!  So our plans were off. This was probably a blessing in disguise though, as this weekend was the coldest it's ever been (with wind chills of -40!)  And walking to train stations, and waiting on platforms and walking the streets of Huntington would not have been a good idea.  I was happy to be in my cozy house where I just listened to the wind whip outside and prayed that I didn't lose power...because, ya know, now that my plans were cancelled, I had no plans but to watch tv.  Oh and it also gave me the chance to cook my Hello Fresh meal!

Texts that make me laugh.  
Which I can't really share here!  LOL It's probably no surprise that I'm more of a texter than I am a talker!!  And sometimes I just read texts from my friend and laugh my head off!!  And that just makes me happy!! Cause even on the days when I don't see another living soul, I still find reasons to laugh!

Have a great Monday!!


  1. thanks sooooo much for linking up!!!!
    I can relate to the cancelled plans but how amazing is it, instead of being consumed by disappointment to enjoy the time, good for you for turning that around!!
    Simply Shaunacey

  2. What a wonderful list! I'm thankful for phone dates that come from cancelled plans, a job that allows us to have one more day of family time, and a job that I adore. Have a great week pretty lady! xoxoxox Amanda

  3. Thanks so much for suggesting Best Lent Ever. I signed up and really love it. I love weekends inside with nothing to do! Hope you have a great (and warmer) week!

    1. Oh YAY Lana! So glad you signed up!! I am loving it so far...hope you do too!!

  4. great post! I love cancelled plans too because I'm an introvert and always want to be home LOL


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