Friday, February 26, 2016

A February full of reading!!

Hard to believe this month is already coming to an end!!  That's just crazy!!  But it was a whirlwind!  Filled with lots to do and still, due to the bone-chilling temps and cold weather, lots of downtime, too! Which I used to read!  Linking up with my bloggy buddy, Alison for Reading Lately, to share my February reads! {Find my January book review here!}

If I have to sum up my February reading, I guess it would be a lot of single girl, solitary life reads!  I suppose these are all under the category of self-help!  So I'm sure you can just imagine what my Amazon recommendations look like now!  HA!

I started the month reading Maybe He's Just an Asshole!  Ha!  It was a kinda like a parody of He's Just Not that into You.  It was really funny and filled with lots of good tips.  I actually highlighted a lot...LOL.  Super simple read.  I was able to read it over two days, but it was probably just hours worth!  I took it with a grain of salt, nothing set in stone, obviously, and just laughed a lot. Unfortunately in one or two of the scenarios I did she myself...(wah!!)  But I do know there are a bunch of assholes out there, so you win some, you lose some!

I wanted to finish the book because I wanted to start meynext one, so I brought it to school to read on my preps and during lunch.  But that required some creativeness!!

I follow The Single Woman Mandy Hale on Social Media and read her first book The Single Woman last year! I really enjoyed it!  It is filled with lots of great stories and faith!  My favorite quote from The Single Woman is this one....

I knew her third book was coming out this month and wanted to read her second, I've Never Been to Vegas, but My Luggage Has before it did!  I liked Vegas a lot.  It was filled with more stories of her life and dating and basically focused on a relationship that she had for many years, that she found it hard to let go off.  At times, I rooted for her, but at other times I found myself wanting to yell at Like...please don't go back to him again!!  But I really liked this!! And it made me excited for her next book!!

Beautiful Uncertainty (also by Mandy Hale) pretty much picked up where Vegas left off!  This one was really faith-filled and focused on helping the reader be a better you.  Wanting to embrace the uncertainty of life and give it all up to God!  I am really trying to do that.  Sometimes I lose my way in my faith, and in the past have found it difficult to give it all to God.  Mandy is so strong in her faith and the signs she gets from God are unbelievable to me.  I want to be as strong in my own faith and relationship with God.

To help me with this, I have been participating in the  Best Lent Ever.{I've talked about it here and here on the blog!}  It is an email  program created by author Matthew Kelly and is based on his book, Rediscovering Jesus.  Each day participants receive daily emails and videos filled with insights from Matthew based on a chapter of the book.  40 chapters, one for each of the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter.  I am loving it and getting so much out of it.  I am really reflecting on the questions and spending time each day in the classroom of silence.  The book is not a requirement, but I am reading it too!  I'm learning that there's nothing that I can do that Jesus won't be willing to forgive me for...even reading a book with asshole in the title this month!! :)

I am in the middle of another book right now that I really hope to finish this weekend! It's the first pick in my brand new book club and the book club is getting together next Friday!!  I will post a review and let you know how our first meeting went, next month!!

Have a great weekend and Happy Reading!!!


  1. All great suggestions, I'll have to come back to this later and add them to my goodreads list!
    Shoes to Shiraz

  2. Wow what a list! I'm saving it. Happy weekend, friend!

  3. Great post! The problem with this link up is now my list of books I want to read is growing! we need longer days:)

  4. All great reads! I have a list a mile long of books to read! I need more hours in my day!

  5. Oh GoodReads! I want to check these out. Love your tape censorship for school. Heehee

  6. Oh that asshole book sounds fun!!
    I'm hoping you meet your amazing Mr. Wonderful in 2016!! You deserve it!!

  7. The first book sounds hilarious. Also, your tape job :)

  8. Just finished a book and looking for something new to read. This series sounds perfect. First saw the movie He's Just Not that Into You when PC and I first met and he was decidedly just not that into me. But he came around!


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