Wednesday, February 3, 2016

It's OK!

Haven't pposted my fashion posts lately.  My winter wardrobe consists mostly of sweater dresses, leggings and riding boot!  But I'm excited today because I found this post by Airing My Laundry, One Post at a Time and thought it  was fun so I thought I'd give it a shot and link up!  I've never read the column in Glamour that this post is based off of but I will have to pick it up.  I like things like this!

It's OK...

-to write down the return of Scandal and the premiere of Fuller House in your planner

- to, at 35, still be super excited about the premiere of Fuller House

-to lock yourself in the library and read during lunch...the faculty room is smelly and evil!

-to hate the world for a day

-to forget your cell phone at home...the world will not end, and no one will text or call you anyway!

-to overthink things sometimes

-to place 6 planner sticker orders in one week

-to forget the whole lesson and just laugh with your students for a little while!

-to eat a whole sleeve of saltines in one sitting

-to come home on Friday after school and not leave the house again until Monday morning!

-to have full-on conversations with yourself in the shower.

-to rock rain boots on days when it just sprinkles!

Such a fun link up and post!  Check out more It's OK posts here!

Have a Happy Wednesday!!
We're halfway through the week...woo hoo!!  Wine a little tonight!  :)



  1. ha! loved this. Also- secretly reading over lunch hour is my fave too!

  2. We have similar tv tastes... both those are in my (head) planner as well!

  3. Love this and yes to forgetting the plans and just laughing with the students! That is the perfect "plan" sometimes! xo Amanda

  4. I am so excited about Fuller House! I also watch Scandal. But I think I'm more excited for Fuller House.

    I've had conversations with myself in the shower too...and in the kitchen..

  5. I always say I am going to read at lunch then I don't. Yay, for laughing with the kids. They will remember that about you.

  6. Our break room smells funky too! I don't know what people are heating up in there but it smells like week-old socks.

    I have been known to sit in my car and read. :D


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