Thursday, February 4, 2016

What a Day!!

A Day in My Life!

Well...not really!  Or if I’m being quite has been!  HA!  

Thanks for hopping on over from Deena's blog!! Happy to have you here! So excited to be participating in The Blended Blog’s blog hop today, sharing a Day in my Life.  

The day we all chose to document was Saturday, January 23rd.  Before the day arrived I wondered what I would do, made plans with a friend (so I would not be boring) and looked forward to taking pictures all day, of my day, for the blog!

Then this happened...  

Blizzard Jonas dumped two feet of snow on these parts.  And arrived way sooner than expected. The timeline of the storm was changing all week and when I went to bed on Friday night, I thought that I’d at least able to venture out to breakfast in town before the storm came, so I’d have something to show of my day before being cooped up!

No such luck!  I actually ended up sleeping in and when I woke up at 9:30 (!!!!) There was already more than 6 inches on the ground and it was in full-on Blizzard mode!!

So you get a day of the house, doing house things, watching a marathon of The Affair season 2 and….drinking!  Because really, why not!!

My mornings, always start with coffee!!  It’s a must for me!!  On a normal work day, I just have one cup and go!  On the weekends I like to have two.  One spiked!!  Who doesn’t like a little rum chatta in their coffee?!?  And if you haven’t tried it, you should!  So, so good!!

And because it was a Saturday morning, I ate breakfast!  Something quick and easy.  An English muffin.  I splurged and put Jelly on it.  This was the first time I had gotten the Honey Wheat english muffins and thought they were really good!  

After breakfast I threw in a load of laundry then set out to make dinner. 
Exciting I Know!!!

For dinner I threw a meal in the crockpot! I thought the blizzard was a great time to have it because I was home while it cooked all day!! Which I really must say is just the best!  I made a super easy pot roast recipe that a friend at work told me about!  Just three ingredients…

-the roast
-one can of cream of mushroom soup
-one envelope of beefy onion mix
Really, so easy I thought I might be doing something wrong!  But that was it!  I actually ended up using two cans of mushroom soup, so that the roast was covered in the crockpot.  

It came out really, really great! The meat was cooked perfectly...just fell apart!!

The rest of the day, as the snow was falling,  I did some cleaning, more laundry and watched almost all of the second season of The Affair.  I like it well enough!!  And was not too surprised by the finale.  

Love me some Pacey on The Affair!!  :)

Honestly, most of the day was spent on my couch, under a blanket like this…

with a wine glass in hand!!  :)
There may or may not have been a few Bloody Marys thrown in there for good measure, too!!

I headed to my room for the night, by about 10, showered, got into bed and read a bit before heading to bed by 11ish. It's true what they say, doing nothing makes you tired! HA!!

A few more pics of the snow later on that night as it was winding down!!

Out my front door...
My backyard...

Here’s hoping my next Day in the Life post is more exciting!  But hey...such is life and Mother Nature!!

Head on over to Lana’s blog now, to see how her Saturday was!


  1. Pacey is on the affair???? Soooo watching that. We're snowed in like that most winters, except this one - it felt like spring here yesterday! Crazy weather this year.

  2. love your snow pictures, but love your drink pictures more. What'S a run chatta?

    1. Run to your nearest liquor store, Deena, to get Rum Chatta. It is fabulous. Never had it in coffee but will be trying it now. It is a little like Bailey's. I think it has a bit of cinnamon or something for kick. Or maybe that was the cinnamon whiskey I mixed with mine?

    2. Deena you must try Rum Chata!! It's totally's like a rum cream. And yes Leslie you must've added Fire Ball to it...that's where the cinnamon comes in!! That's the most common to mix with it!!

  3. hahaha I'm so sad you're not coming to Vegas because I just know we'd have so much fun... who doesn't need another wine buddy? seriously
    Love your snow pictures, that's my life where I live lol

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  4. I remember seeing all the photos on the news that day.
    Also, I've heard good things about the affair. It's on my binge list.

  5. What what? Pacey is on The Affair...must watch that show! Crazy how much snow everyone got, next time we'll do one when the weather will be better :) And I love lazy Saturdays and my family does that same recipe, but had no idea it would work in a crockpot...never thought of it, we usually throw it in the oven with foil over the top to close it up...which I guess is the same thing as a crock pot...genius!

  6. What's a Pacey? I know paci, lowercase P but Pacey? Your roast has my stomach growling. YUM. Love the quiet beauty in your snow. And your wine and the possibility of a bloody Mary or two. XO

  7. I remember thinking that Saturday that I couldn't wait to see your pictures, because of the blizzard! Crazy. A "trapped in the house" snow day is so fun sometimes. I make that same crock pot roast, and it's so good - even makes its own gravy! SO sad you're not coming to Vegas!

  8. Cozy snow days on the couch are a great way to be forced to rest and relax. Love!

  9. I love snowed-in days - and binge watching Netflix - it doesn't get any better than that - well, for the most part. You are too funny, too! I always enjoy reading your posts.

    Daily Style Finds

  10. I can't even fathom having that much snow?!?!?!! I also love cooking roast in the crockpot. It sounds like a great day to me.... just a little too cold :)


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