Monday, February 8, 2016

My Long Island Bucket List

A while back I saw an article  in our local paper about 50  things to do on Long Island in 2016.  This got me thinking.  There are so many wonderful things to do on this Island I live on, and yet I tend to stick to what's familiar.  I often joke that I only travel between 4 towns!  Half the time this is true!  HA!!  But then the other day, I saw a commercial for Chick-Fil-A...and I thought...we have that on Long Island now...I should go!  And just like that, this post was born.  If I actually write (or type!) these things down, I feel like they'll be more inclined to actually happen!!  And since 50 is a bit overwhelming, I chose 10.  10 is pretty do-able!!

A bucket list of 10 things I hope to do on Long Island this year.

Get to Chick-Fil-A, Wahlburgers, Sonic, and Stew Leonard's...places that have recently come to Long Island!

Go to more breweries!  They seem to be popping up all over the place these days!  And since I had so much fun the weekend my bestie and I went to the Oyster Bay Brewery, I want to go to a few more!!

Go Back to the Long Island Children's Museum. I went a few years ago and thought it was really fun.  And yes I realize it's for kids...that's who I went with, so the day was all about them and I wasn't really focused on what I was seeing.  i was seeing it through the kids eyes.  I want to go back and not take anything for granted!

I really would like to go to the Air Show at Jones Beach this year.  The blue angels perform each year and I know so many people who go and love it.  I want to get in on that fun this year.

Climb the Montauk Lighthouse.  Believe it or not, I've never done this!!  I saw one of my teacher friends and her son pictures of when they did that this summer and since then I've wanted to make the trek up!

Spend a Day in the Hamptons

Finally visit The Wine Guy!  I imagine it much like what Heaven might be...

Go pumpkin picking.  I haven't been in years!!  I always see everyone's pictures on facebook and Instagram and it look like so much fun for fall!!

Go to the Holiday Boat Parade this year! I wanted to go last year but never made it!  It rained and I was hungover that day!  I have higher hopes for 2016.

I also want to catch the Holiday Lights at Jones Beach.  After a few years break, the light show is back at the beach!  I never made it there the first time around!! I wanna go!

If you're not a Long Islander, I hope you got a glimpse of some of the fun things there are to do here!  Come visit me!  I've been to coup up this winter with weather and my hibernation period!!  I can't wait for Spring and Summer to arrive!!  I have hope that it's soon...

Have a great week!!


  1. I am adding visit long island to my bucket list.

  2. Chicfila and Sonic - two of my faves! Would love to try Wahlburgers! It looks like a lot of fun on Long Island! xo Amanda

  3. If you go to Sonic, get a Cherry Limeade, my absolute favorite drink EVER!!! :)


  4. I have never been to Long Island but if I do, I'm calling you to take me on a tour!


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