Monday, June 16, 2014

Solitary Life

Ahead of a Summer Style Me Challenge What I Wore on Wednesday, I wanted to put together another Solitary Life post.  Recently I caught a snip-it of one of those "You might be a Redneck if...." shows which I have always hated!!!!!  But it gave me an idea! I present to you.....

You Might Live a Solitary Life If....
  • It's taken 20 minutes to get out of a dress with a zipper in the back
  • You've had a co-worker tie and button the back of your shirt. 
  • Cereal is in heavy rotation for dinner
  •  It's 8:30 p.m. and you just realized you haven't even eaten dinner!
  • You enter your bedroom and  think for a sec, "I've been ROBBED!!"
  • You go to bed earlier on Fridays then any other night of the week!
  • You go out to get the Sunday paper from the front door at noon
  • You only empty the dishwasher when it's ready to be filled again or 
  • only fold the towels in the dryer when there's a new load to be done
  • You mute the TV to hear what going on outside
  • You wake up at 3 a.m. and frantically rush to the front door to make sure it's locked
  • Tutoring on a Saturday counts as "plans" 
  • You only get the mail twice a week
  • You've spent a Saturday binge watching entire seasons of Downton Abbey (ignoring all calls and texts).
  • You've finished that bottle of wine because it's just silly to leave "that little" left for tomorrow or
  • You've made a pitcher of margs...just becasue!!
  • The only person who knows your house number is MOM
  • You're pretty sure the neighbors think you don't actually live alone because you talk to A LOT!!
  • You yell at the ceiling...because GUS is loud.
  • There was that one weekend you came home from work on Friday and didn't leave again until work on Monday!
  • You're still wearing your Mismatch Day outfit when the PeaPod guy delivers your groceries.
  • You care what the PeaPod guy thinks...
  • You've had the bar
  • It's taken you so long to try and get your cowboy boots off, that you've texted your sister to come and help (her answer was
  • Sometimes you look in the mirror and think, Yikes. its a good thing I live alone!
  • The same thing happens after watching a sad movie (or YouTube video) and the ugly cry has come out!
  • You Facebook message or text back people you probably shouldn't 
  • You come out in the morning to make coffee, realize you left the blinds open all night, look at what you're wearing, and think "OH WELL!"
  • You get a little too dressed up to go to that BBQ
  • You've wasted more time on YouTube then you've ever thought possible
  • People worry that you don't eat so they make you plates and send you home with leftovers
  • This is you...
  • You might have a key to your house hidden at work, in case you ran out the door in the morning without it!
  • You've thought about getting a pet for company (which you'd never really do otherwise!) But then rationalize, "that's expensive... I'd rather spend the money on clothes!
And last but not least....
You might live a solitary life if....

Hope you got as much of a laugh outta this as I did!!  Have a Happy Monday!!



  1. while I'm not living solitary, I can definitely relate to some of these!!

  2. Would really love to live a day in the life of Katie!!

  3. I can't definitely relate to some of these! Especially the mail one...I'm fairly certain our mailman hates us...

  4. Love your outfits, and it was fun to see the work/home options. Your solitary life list is so funny - sounds pretty good to me!

  5. That is a pretty funny (and long!) list! I can't imagine getting a dress zipped up or down! I've even asked one of my teenaged sons before! (O.O)


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