Monday, June 2, 2014

On My Walls!

Linking up with Andrea once again for What's On...
Today it's What's on My Walls!
I still have lots of free space on on the walls here at the new place but I do have some things to show!  When you walk in, it's basically all one room.  And the yellow paint on EVERY.SINGLE.WALL. is the builders paint!  One of these years, I'll paint it the way I want...but for now I'm fine with it!

Great Room and Kitchen:

This picture was actually my sister's first.  When she was staying with me for awhile, we put it up, and it just never came down.  LOL...I've always loved this!!  It's on the wall in my great room...pretty much over the kitchen table.  Maybe more across from it!

This was from my parents, when I first moved into my apartment.  it's metal and so bright and fun! It's over my wine table.

This clock was another gift for my apartment...from my oldest sister.

My mom made this!  It's my favorite!!

This should be on the wall...but it's not yet!  It's on a tall shelf for now.  It'll put it up eventually.

And FINALLY my TV's on the wall....WOOHOO!!

This is another thing that should be hanging, but's not yet.  It on my counter and the more I keep it here, the more I like maybe I'll keep it here.  It was a gift from my sister! #momssoproud

This tiny little print is above my kitchen sink!  I bought it at at Kohls when I moved into my apartment.

is covering this...
and it's pretty perfect!  THANKS MOM!

On to my bedroom...

This hangs above my bed

This canvas I got for my birthday from my twin nieces (clearly when my sister and the girls were staying with me they couldn't handle my bare walls!  HA!)  I really love it. And it's a perfect match.

This was another birthday gift.  It was a great surprise!  It's really inspirational and I read it every morning.  It hangs above my night stand.
I blogged about this {here} when I first got it and there's a link to read it!

That was lots of fun!  See you all next month for What's menu!  EEEEKKKK I better start thinking about that one now!

Have a great week!


  1. My favorite are the metal flowers! So pretty! :)

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for visiting! I love the coffee print ... as I sit here contemplating if I should go for my 3rd cup of the day :D

  3. Another great blog Katie-love all your wall hangings!

  4. I have desiderata in my kitchen- best. poem. ever.

  5. Oooh! A wine cork wreath! I've been wanting more ideas for the extra corks I've saved. Cute!


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