Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIWW: GYPO Summer challenge! Days 3-9

I had all intentions of loading my photos on the blog as I went this past week so that this post didn't become such a blur to me!  But of course that didn't happen (the last few days of school kinda got in the way!) and now I'm scoping through all these selfies trying to remember what day is what!  I am really loving the Summer Challenge though and am so excited EVERYTHING has come from my CLOSET!!  WOO HOO!!
Wednesday, June 18th- Day 3
Mixed up the work-wear version and the challenge outfit to create my own version...this!
Striped top (AE),  cropped khakis (LOFT), statement necklace (Piper Street), and metallic sandals (Target)

Thursday, June 19th-Day 4: Playing with Print!  
Loved both my work and play outfits this day!

Work: I have had these pants forever (from The Limited) and LOVE them!  I was so happy to be able to wear them for the challenge! Rather than the bright tank the challenge called for (and because I need to wear a sleeve to work!) I went with this old top from LOFT.  The tee had that necklace like thingy attached!!

After work, I wore this (posted this to the page)...closer to the challenge!

Friday, June 20th- Day 5
Friday called for a printed top.  I wore my top from hippie chick boutique (sold out) and a pair of old LOFT ankle pants, that were a pretty perfect match!  My bauble bar rope necklace completed the look!

On Saturday (Day 6), my best friend's baby girl was baptized, so I wore a dress and am saving Saturday's challenge outfit for another day!!

On Sunday (Day 7), I went full on challenge mode!!  And it was a MAXI SKIRT day!  YAY!!  I was at my sister's pool for the day. She's also doing the challenge with me!  This is what we wore...
YAY Tara for joining the challenge!!

Monday was day 8 and  began week 2 of the challenge!  Time is flying! The outfit was super simple, with just a white top, denim shorts, and sneaks!  
For work, I switched it up like this...
It was a dress down day for the students and teachers so I wore jeans and sandals and added the infinity scarf (target) for a pop of color!

When I got home, I threw on jean shorts, the bright cardi and my cons...just what the challenge called for!

I posted this PicCollage on the FB page Monday night...

 My fellow challengers are  liking that I post both the work and "play" option!  But now that I am officially on Summer VACATION, I can't promise that will happen everyday!!  HA!!

Tuesday, June 24th-Day 9, saw us wearing a tribal/printed top and khakis.  I didn't wear it...saving for another day!  I opted for a printed maxi skirt instead!

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Have a great week!!

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  1. Love the post. It's such a great challenge and I love when clothing looks effortless:)


  2. Oh I like the work and play posts too, great idea! Yay Tara for joining in on the fun! I tried to get people around me to join, but no one wanted to, sigh.

  3. You look so cute in everything, and I LOVE the picture with your sister! Wish I could get mine to join.

  4. oh my gosh that print shirt!!!! GORGEOUS!
    Also, you and your sis are the cutest ever!

  5. You look so tanned and summery already!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks...I picked it up on, which I had only heard of for the first time during the Spring Challenge!

  7. I really like that you showed work and play outfits. My favs are the hippie chick top and the maxi day with you and sister - super cute. You should frame that pic or do something special with it.


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