Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Solitary Life No More...

Before you get too's not what you're thinking!!!!    A GUS has arrived upsatirs from me. (If you are not familiar with GUS from reading my previous blog posts, GUS is a term I coined when I first moved into my apartment last year... Guy UpStairs!!)

Actually GUS (squared)  GUS and his girlfriend.  And I can hear them as clear as bell.  As a matter of fact as I'm writing this, they just set their alarm code.  And guess what?...  I heard it! when they're not home I can scope out what it looks like up there!!   HAHAHAHAHA...totally kidding obvi!  Actually, I've met him before and he seems nice.  He introduced himself to me one Saturday before they actually closed on the house and was checking things out up there for himself.  He was super nice and said if I ever needed anything to just let him know.  I am going to give it a few weeks before I ask him to start taking out my garbage!!  ;-)  But I'll be honest, he didn't seem too excited to even be moving here.  Clearly it was his girlfriend's idea!  Hopefully once he's in and settled maybe he'll change his mind!

Because I for one LOVE it here!!  I just love my little place.  So what if the only one who calls me everyday is my mom and the only visits I get are from my UPS Man!! And who care if my postage stamp patio is so small, I lay out and only get one side of my face tan?  (It must be the over hang on the roof...because I could swear every time, I'm in full sun!!)

My neighbors are not fully moved in yet but even though I like to kid, in all seriousness, there IS something comforting about finally having an upstairs neighbor!  I no longer have to worry that the noises I hear from there might be squatters!  And it's good to know it's no longer sitting vacant.  I just kinda wish there was a little more insulation between us!!  I'll let you know how it's going after it's been a few week's with them though!  Who knows...maybe they'll be my new besties on the block!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

And P.S. I've forgotten the alarm code already!!  LOL

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