Monday, June 30, 2014

You win some, you lose some!

Little Late to the link-up today because I was on the fence about having this post go live! But then decided I didn't wanna miss out!!  Linking up with Mel,Sheaffer, and Shay for another Pin-spired! I totally love this link-up!  I love looking at everyone's looks and realizing...I've have this outfit pinned, too or WOW!  I can totally do that with what's in my closet!

I've been wanting to write about this pin for awhile!  This is the actual pin and what I wrote about it on my Pinspired Board on Pinterest. {Follow Me Here}
Now's as good a time as any to try this...or so I thought!!

Ordinarilly, I would never wear the dress like this.  In fact, I've only worn it like this!  
Maybe with a denim jacket thrown in if I got chilly!  I love the ruching and the side slit of this dress!  And people {these} sandals are $10....go grab them now!  I got the brown AND the nude!!

For the sake of pinspired and because I totally love my Cons, I tried it like the pin.  And my first thought was that she was wearing socks with her cons, but now I'm pretty sure they're hi tops!  I clicked on the pin to get the deets, but nothing comes up now...boooooo!! 

This is my re-creation...
Let's be honest....I kinda look like a serial killer, right?  HA!!  Clearly I am not the model that can pull this off!  And I really wish I was like a professional blogger who can have professional pictures taken! My pictures are not coming out that great lately and I am worried I touched something on my phone that may have changed a setting!!  WAAAHHHHHH!!

This wasn't my fave but I am glad I tried it. I love every item in this pic, just not together!  

Victoria Secret Dress {here}
Anthropologie Camo Jacket {no longer available}
Converse All-Stars {here}
Sunglasses {similar}

I promise to do better next month!  On the upside,  I've rocked last month's pinspired outfit quite a few times already!  So I guess you win some, ya lose some!!  

Can't wait to see what everyone else has pinned!  Come back to the blog Wednesday for some more fashion fun!!    



  1. haha you're too funny, you don't look like serial killer I promise. I think it would look cute with a smaller jacket on you because you're so tiny (jealous btw)

    1. LOL..Thanks Shaunacey! I thought the same about the jacket! Gonna save it for Fall to wear with my sweaters!!

  2. Serial killer, not so much, but more so a mix of super cute and super bad ass. I wouldn't want to mess with you in this outfit. Love it!


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