Friday, August 28, 2015

Five on Friday!

Some of my favorites from the week that was....

Sunday Brunch with my nieces!
I've brunched lots this summer!!
At brunch I drank presceo out of these cute little glasses and am determined to add them to my collection!!  I resisted the urge to drop one in my purse!  :)
I have not succeeded in Googling them!!  If anyone has these and knows where to get them, help a sista out!

Drank my first ever Starbucks Peach Green Tea Lemonade!
YUM!!  Where have I been???

I finally got to wear this dress!!  I bought it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale after seeing it on Shay. It wasn't on sale but it's inexpensive anyway.  So easy to just throw on and go.  Dress up or down and can totally transition to Fall!  I kinda wish I had it in every color!
This was my look for my school's Welcome Back BBQ...which I can't really say was a fave!  LOL
I know, I know...I'm no Shay Shull!  But I got a ton of compliments on this!  So I guess that's a plus!!  And yes I did actually take this photo while walking out the door!  Cuz I thought to myself "I'm gonna be a gross, sweaty mess by 3 o'clock!!  And I swear in the photos I take like this I attempt to show my feet then when I snap they disappear!  I am a bad selfie-taker...but still do it all the time!

So yesterday I  saw that there were some new words added to the Oxford dictionary. These are some silly-ass words!  You just have to laugh!!  Some of these new words include: awesomesauce, hangry, mic drop, and manspreading.  I know these words well and now it seems they are "official"!  But my personal favorites...Wine O'Clock and Beer O'clock!  Both refer to the time of day you start drinking! {or basically anytime of day...LOL} See the whole list here!

Have you seen this!?   So super cute and funny !  What a great way to get the teachers all pumped for a new school year!! Wish the sound was a little more clear...but creative and fun nonetheless!! Worth a watch!!

Hope your weekend's awesomesauce!!! :)    It's the last weekend of the summer for me, so I'm gonna soak up the SUN!!

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  1. Gahhh you are rocking that dress girl. What a good five! XO Happy Weekend!

  2. You and your nieces are so cute!!! And welcome to green-tea lemonade train! Its an expensive one lol!! But so good!! Happy Friday!! :)

  3. Your dress is cute! Have a great weekend!

  4. Brunch is hands down one of my favorite activities! Love the look of your new dress and I especially like those colors paired together.

  5. Reading about the Oxford Dictionary additions might be my favorite thing I read all day. And isn't the Anniversary sale like Christmas? Great dress!

  6. I love a green peach tea lemonade!! I hope you have a great weekend. - Seri from

  7. Cute dress! I teach in West Des Moines, and it was so incredible to see in person. One of those surprise moments you wish you could go back and rewind!

    1. Annie that is so awesome!!!! There is so much talent there...Have a great school year!! And thanks so much for visiting my blog!!

  8. That is a cute dress. I use the word 'hangry' all the time. I've actually never been to a Starbucks. I know, I know...

    1. thanks so much Terra!! No judgement here! I'm not that frequent a visitor!! LOL


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