Thursday, August 27, 2015

Random Thoughts for a Thursday!

Have some more random thoughts floating around in my head that just need to get out I suppose!  So here goes...
Thanks in advance for reading my ridiculousness!!

I slept great last night!  Fell asleep before 11 and woke at 7:15.  I am not yet going to say that was due to the new lavender essential oil I put on before bed but...looks promising!!

I also put the stress away on my neck before bed (because now we are working on Day four of this pain!) and it's not 100% all gone but a lot less restrictive today.  Maybe there is something to this essential oil trend!  Look forward to using more of them.

It's really annoying when I'm typing and I look up to see my damn cursor has moved on its own and is no longer typing where I want it too!  This has been a problem for like a week!  UGH!!

Instead of blogging I should be enrolling kids in classes!  Now that I went to the "unofficial" first day of school yesterday, it is sincerely time to get my ASS IN GEAR!!  And maybe find a really, really, really, really, really, important thing I seem to have lost this summer!!

Is it bad that I wish death to all crickets?  I have one right outside my front window!  And he's not only there at at night.  Oh NO!  He's there all freaking day!!  Is there any more annoying sound?

I'm still struggling with my broken Keurig every morning.  I tweeted about it and they actually responded.  So I called customer service and while listening to the recordings it said I would need my serial number.  I hung up and haven't called back because I have to find that.  I'm just lazy about it I guess.  And you know what??? feels GREAT screaming and cursing at your Keurig first thing in the morning!  And then WOO HOOing when it finally works!

So needless to say, I've only had one cup of coffee lately.  But it's frees me up for a vodka and OJ in the sun at 11!  HA!!  Just kidding Ma! #ornot  #solitarylifeprobs

I have high hopes I'll finish three books this weekend!  No...really!!

Saturday is two years since I moved into my Forever Home!  Trying to think of a post to put together for it.  Last year I posted this!  But I think I may do a second installment of this! (one of my all time favorite posts!) I kinda love my little house...

I'm not 100% sure that when I reply to comments on the blog, people get them!  I went in my spam folder in my email yesterday and saw all there messages that said undeliverable!  WHAT!?!? I have to investigate that.  I read and love all your comments!!  THANK YOU!!!

I'm seeing Fall EVERYWHERE!!  And I'm not ready for summer to end!

I'm sure next week when it's 90, humid and I'm in school melting, I'll feel differently!  But now...nope...I'm holding on!! Summer Forever!!

What random thoughts are floating around in your head today?!?  Share them with me in the comments below!!

Have a great day!!

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  1. Ahh summer is almost over! Can't believe it!

  2. I love your random thoughts! We need to form a procrastinator support group. I'm the worst! Ugh! I hope you can get some more coffee soon!

  3. You crack me up! Thanks for linking up today :) are you responding to comments? Right on the blog or through email? I guess I can figure that out once you respond. lol! I know I had the issue if you respond on the blog no one ever knows you did so. Had that going for a few months or so and then found out that if I responded through email they got it every time. Well unless someone is marked as a no-reply blogger. Then I think they will kick back to you. Who knows! lol!

  4. I think I need some of that stress away!

    I have the same problem when I reply to comments on my blog and my pet blog so I never know who gets what :/

    My Keurig tried to die on me a couple years ago. Not sure what is wrong with yours but have you tried this: and then "burping" it. I did a descale then tried those two things and mine has been working for 2 years without any problems. I don't remove the water container anymore unless I am cleaning it instead I fill it with water from a mug.

    1. Thanks so much for the link! That was really interesting!! It's actually the top that's kind of off and not aligned! Oh and definitely try the stress away!!

  5. Love your random thoughts today. Yes for fall, but boo to starting school again. I'm ready for things other than shorts and tank tops :)

    1. YES! I actually am looking forward to the clothing aspect of it...and the pumpkin ale! :)

  6. I use lavender essential oil, too. So relaxing!! Hope your neck feels better soon!

  7. Friend, your comments aren't coming to my inbox anymore!?!?!?!?!? It sucks! I need to figure that one out. Ahhhh procrastination a good friend. This year though it has left me behind and I'm having to be on point. Stress I tell ya LOL. Dare I say the temps here are dropping (yes down here in NC) and I may be feeling the fall thing in a week or two. Notice: I said a week or two. xo Amanda


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