Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Bucket List!!

Today I'm joining in on the Summer Bucket List Linky Party with What the Teacher Wants.  The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life has never been a teaching blog, but I thought since I am a teacher, I'd link up!  I read lots of teacher blogs and am forever amazed at all the fun things these teachers do and create. Case in point, the super cute bucket list template!!

This post is coming at the perfect time!  This week is my last week of classes with the kids.  Since there is no more book checkouts, after reading the book, I thought we'd do a little project.  I found THIS bucket list freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers for the kids to put together. You colored it based on a glyph and filled in the blanks on the writing part inside!  The kids LOVED doing this!! {Find more Teaching Heart goodies and follow Colleen Gallagher here and here!}

This was my example!

Oh and if you're wondering what book I chose to read as the final book (for 1st thru 3rd) it's Pete the Cat and the New Guy.  I know that's not quite the best "end of the year" book, but the kids love Pete and I tied it all together by telling them to have a "groovy" summer, be open to making new friends and read lots!!  :)

On to my bucket list..

As far as school goals go, I will be working this summer...on a new School Website!!  Boooooo....just kidding...it's pretty cool actually but maybe that's just my inner nerd talking!!  It's been so much work and will continue to be so I'll be working and doing some PD on that throughout the summer.

I will also be spending those last two weeks in August back at school getting myself organized.  I've received a number of new books for the library these last few weeks. We had a book fair and this is the time of year parents begin doing their Spring Cleaning and bring in those donations.  Some might wonder why I'd leave this for back to school, rather than get it done now and be ready in August.  And in all honesty, the truth is...I'm tired!!  LOL  And there is so much end of year stuff to get done, that is seriously one thing that can wait!!

This summer I really hope to read more!  Last year I hardly read at all!!  And I was really sad about it!!  I have lots of books on my Summer Reads lists!  I'm off to a good start already, having finally finished The Girl on the Train (why could I just not get into it?!?) and am reading The Single Woman and Nobody's Cuter Than You.  I am working on a Summer Reads post that will be up on the 26th! Come on back!

Another thing I hope to do a lot of is exercise.  Specially, I just want to walk around my neighborhood and on Main Street.  In the early morning and before the heat of the day.  I'm an early riser these days, so rather than sloth around the house, I thought I'd get out and WALK!  I'm going to do this at least three times a week!!  If I can manage more, fabulous!

After my morning walk, I'll be out there getting my tan on!!  Safely...I have too many sunspots not too!!  So it's SPF 45 on my face, a hat on my head, and a book in my hand!

Lots of fun on tap for summer!  First of which is the Kenny Chesney Show!  After taking a year off, Kenny is back with his summer stadium tour. Last summer I went to 7 concerts, all of which were a huge amount of fun but I really just feel like KENNY is Summer!!  My family has been going to see Kenny since the the summer of 2007.  We even traveled to Boston twice!  It's a full  day of tailgating, music, and fun!!  Can't wait!

My town has something called Alive After Five on Thursday night throughout the summer.  Main Street is closed to traffic for 4 hours and bands play, vendors are out, and the bars and restaurants are packed...it's a great summer night out.  I went to one last year and wondered why I didn't go to more. I will get to more this summer!!

Another thing I WILL DO is get to the Oyster Bay Brewery!  I got a groupon for a tasting, free glasses, and a growler.  I have tried numerous times, with numerous people to get out there, and it hasn't worked out.  But my groupon is expiring soon! And if I can't even get to one, is it too much to hope I can get to two more!?!?!

Lastly, I hope to just enjoy some time with family this summer!  My cousins are coming to visit in early August, so my sister is having a get together at her house.  That should be really fun!  Living in Colorado, I haven't seen them in forever!! Maybe two three years!  So I'm really looking forward to this!!

Those are my goals for the summer!  What are yours?  Let me know in the comments below and head on over to What the Teacher Wants, to grab your template and link up too!!

Happy Summer!!!


  1. My son loves Pete the Cat! We'll have to check out Pete the Cat and the New Guy. :) The Alive After Five event sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. I'm reading Girl on the Train right now.
    Great link up because I've been working on my own summer list. I'll try to finish it so I can link up too.
    All the best with your summer plans.

  3. I want to spend my summer hanging with you! I love this list!!!!

  4. Your blog is so pretty! I want a tan too but the safe way : ) It usually takes all summer.


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