Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday: Challenge Week Two

Well the Summer Challenge is in full swing now! We're well into week two.  Having only highlighted the first two looks in my last post, I should have at least seven more to show you today!! I don't!!  I've skipped a few!   And since I haven't been wearing every outfit, I've mixed it up a bit. Next week when I am home and summer vacation has started, I hope to be more on target.  What I managed to put together, you'll find below!!

When we last met, it was day three!  Wednesday called for a white dress, wedges and the denim vest. You may remember me saying last week that my denim vest had yet to arrive.  It wasn't here for day three either, so I didn't wear it.  But when I returned home from work at 6 o'clock that night.  There were two packages at my door.  One was the denim vest, the other was a lace dress that I  had forgotten about buying (it took a while to get here!!) So this isn't the best pic...end of the day and all, but here's the look!!  I received many compliments on this so decided, I'll keep it!!
This isn't the true challenge outfit...just me really trying it on!  At some point, I'll dress it up and post it again.

Thursday was kimono day!!  I actually ended up wearing this on Monday minus the boyfriend shorts it called for because I was working.  But it was a dress down, so I wore jeans!  I really liked this!
Didn't realize I cut half myself off in this pic...ugh!

Friday was a super easy outfit.  Bright shorts, lace top and wedges.  Accessorized with a colorful necklace.  This necklace was all I had.  I haven't bought a bright one or one if those tassel necklaces that are in these  days!

Saturday I actually wore Sunday's look.  I thought I was wearing the right day's look but apparently I was a day ahead! I really liked this me a good maxi!!  And the fact that I'm still rockin' this one from 2008 makes me happy!!  I was with my family...yay for having a photographer!

Saturday actually called for a chambray shirt and white shorts!! You'll see that on me soon!!

Sunday, I'm not gonna lie...I stayed in my pj's!  I'd been sick for a week at that point, I just rested up, not talking and trying to get better!

Monday's look I skipped out on in favor of the kimono one I highlighted above! But it was Palazzo Pants!!! YAY!!  With a flowy tank!!  I wanna say this was a repeat of a 2014 outfit.  Because I consulted the archives and this is what I wore last challenge!   {Actually last year it was paired with a white t...I guess I'm just ahead of the trends!! hahahahahahaha}

Tuesday's look was another easy one.  This was my after school outfit!!  Graphic Tee and boyfriend shorts.. I had a hard time getting the graphic so you don't get to see the Cons I wore!  And I suppose these are not boyfriend shorts...but they're shorts! So it's a win in my book!

Every challenge seems to go faster and faster!  Come back next week for the week 3 looks!  Now go check out how the rest of the Style Me Bloggers did this week!  Link up your fashion post with us, too!!   

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Have a great Wednesday...Have Fun and Look Fabulous!

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  1. ok, I'm in LOVE with your kimono!! it's so pretty and the colors are awesome!
    looking lovely as usual

  2. Hope you feel better SOON, Katie!!!! I love the kimono outfit! I also love how our orange shorts/white top/necklace outfits are nearly identical!! Great minds! :) XOXO

  3. What is your favorite color to wear? You do those orange-y/corals so well. But you look really pretty in white with your nice tan, too. Where did you find your graphic tee? I love the message - so YOU! Feel better, little one. XO

  4. Love your kimono, so cute! And the lace dress and lace shirt, I want them...if you find them missing...well don't look at me :)

  5. So much cuteness, Katie!! I especially adore that first dress, and those bright shoes with the lace top!! Fun giveaway too :) Xx - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

    1. To answer the question asked in the giveaway -- my go to summer outfit is an everyday casual dress or my favorite shorts & comfy tee :)

  6. I LOOOOOOOVE that denim vest on you! How are you sooo tanned still?

  7. You look so cute in everything - but I especially love the lace dress with the vest, and I REALLY love your graphic t. Hope you're feeling better!

  8. Love love your kimono. And yay for deliveries you forget about lol!!

  9. Lace dress = divine! Love the kimono and your maxi was my inspiration!

  10. Love the maxi dress! Feel better soon!

  11. Love your pretty kimono!!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week.


  12. That Kimono vest is SO cute! And I'm impressed you can pull off a cropped denim vest so well. :)

    - Liz from Downtown Demure


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