Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Getting down to the wire...

Hard to believe it's almost the end of the Summer Challenge!  My summer has only just begun.  Five more outfits to go!  Alison made a good point to the challengers though!  She said to start the outfits over again to get us through the rest of the summer!  I'm totally going to do that...mixing it up a bit and wearing the few outfits I didn't this time around!

I'll admit, I wasn't as faithful to the challenge this week!  My cousin was here visiting for a few days, I'm on summer vacation, and I've spent most my time in one of these...
But here's what I managed to pull together!

Wednesday was Day 10 of the challenge and also my first day of no school for SUMMER VACATION!!  WOO to the HOO!!!  So while I didn't have a work wear and day wear to pull together, I did have two variations on the outfit because I spent the day at home in shorts and switched it up with pink skinny jeans for going out to dinner that night on the water where I knew it'd be chilly!
Striped t, bright shorts, metallic sandals, statement earrings (which I have been swapping for statement necklaces...I just always tend to keep my studs in!)

Thursday called for a bright t, printed shorts, sneaks, and a fedora.  I mixed it up with my tank and sandals instead!  Ladies...go get {these}sandals!!!  TEN BUCKS!!!!!!

Saturday called for Palazzos!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!  They're kinda my new fave!!  The challenge had us wearing a white t with this but I saw Melissa wearing this exact outfit last week and loved I copied it!

Sunday was a maxi dress day!!
In all honesty...this was a Sunday, just not THIS SUNDAY!  HA!  Wore this on Father's Day!  Sunday's outfit was the example outfit we got ahead of the challenge!
This was really my Sunday!
It was the first Sunday in forever that I had NO PLANS AT ALL!  So I laid out a bit then vegged on my couch, binge watching shows on demand.  And I was totally OK with it!!

Tuesday: Another maxi skirt day!  YAY!  Perfect outfit to wear to GNO to celebrate my sister's birthday!

maxi skirt, bright t, statement necklace, metallic sandals
 (I wore the same sandals I linked to above...I love them so much!)

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  1. Maxi skirts rock! I love the stripes and the Sunday outfit:)


  2. I'm loving my palazzo pants to! Something I never would have tried before the challenge. You look great in all your outfits!

  3. love the palazzo pants! I need a pair, I just do! I really like your maxi dress too, and sun glass inside? Very celebrity of you :)

  4. I love everything - you always look so cute! Your palazzo pants look so good on you!

  5. if it's any constellation, I spent my Sunday in comfy clothes too!
    i NEED to find palazzo pants, everyone keeps saying how much they love them and you look amazing in them!
    I LOVE that dress on you from father's day, beautiful and so funky.

  6. How did you get so summery tanned so quickly??!!! Love all the outfits!

  7. You couldn't be cuter! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  8. FYI - I love your palazzo pants and your love of them has encouraged me to take the plunge and buy a pair. Now I just have to find the "perfect" ones. :)


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