Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Last Friday I mentioned that I was going to The Band Perry concert.  One of the openers for them was a new country artist, Austin Webb.  My dad was actually the one who told me about him and this song...which is now THE song of the summer for me!!  Love it!!  Can't get it outta my head!

On Sunday I went to Williams-Sonoma for a cooking demo.  I originally thought I was going to a cooking class, but luckily for me, we were only taste there anything better?!? The leader of the class made two dishes with my absolute favorite: Sweet Potatoes!  They were so yummy!!  If you read my What's On post last week, you know I have a hard time getting motivated to cook.  But these dishes looked really easy and were just the right amount of servings: just two, for me...and one night of leftovers!  

Derek Jeter played his last All-Star game on Tuesday night!  And I'm not going to pretend that I'm his biggest fan, but I know and respect his impact on the game. And I believed he's a good role model to the kids I teach. But I got a little misty eyed watching this commercial dedicated to him!  Really cool, too, that he played in the game with so many "kids" who once looked up to him!

The weather here this week was pretty terrible.  Like scary thunder and lightning style!! And apparently the polar vortex is coming! Luckily today is supposed to be super sunny and I'm heading to the beach for the first time this summer! WOOHOO!!  But can I just say my new favorite app got me through it!!  The Accuweather app rocks!!  It has the minute cast and tells you when the rain will start and end!  And it is pretty damn accurate!  I'm obsessed!  Get it here!  

Because the weather was so bad this week, I was kinda lazy!!  One day I stayed in my pj's and watched the Oscar nominated movie, The Butler.  I really liked it!!   And I just love Forest Whittaker...great performance!  Interesting look at the White House and decades in our country.  I tried watching Gravity too, but couldn't get through it!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Hope the weather near you is just perfect!

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  1. Hey! First time dropping by (from the link up)! I like that song too! I hope your weekend is awesome!

  2. Love W & S! ~ Have a great weekend! :-)


  3. i totally need to get motivated to cook. it's just so hard. baking? i can do that. cooking...meh. and i still need to watch the butler. thanks for the vote! maybe a good movie for the weekend!

  4. Thanks for linking up girl!!! That's my kind of cooking class. ;)

  5. I would taste test ALL DAY LONG! hahaha
    Thanks so much for linking up! :) Andrea


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