Monday, July 21, 2014

Manic Monday

Today I'm joining the Manic Monday Link-up with More Pieces of Me and On the Daily Express for the first time!  And this is quite the manic post if there ever was one...a hodge podge of randomness if you will!

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I am jumping on this bandwagon a little late today!  As I type this, my house is overcome by the smell of garlic and the birthday cake candle I lit to get the smell to subside.  I actually cooked dinner tonight...something other than quesadillas! (You can pick your mouth up off the floor now!) I made salmon.  And I may have over garlicked it!  I actually remembered to defrost it and I had the time today!  In typical summer sunny day fashion, I laid out for a bit, but didn't get to stay out too long because the landscapers arrived to spruce up the common areas and our little patches outside the place.  Side note...I hate the blower!!  That thing is so loud and annoying!  And today I was so sad to see when they were done that all the stuff blew on to the brand new cushion I got for my rocking chair!  Boooo!  I should have brought it in! 
Cute right!?!?
 Another side note: the UPS man loves my new cushion!  He put my Nordy's package on it!!  HA!!  But anyway... 
Speaking of Nordstrom, my anniversary sale finds have begun to arrive!  Some I am loving, others not so much!!  Thank Goodness for FREE RETURNS!!  So far I scored this awesome nude bag.  It's huge!  I'm going to be using it as a work bag!  A fossil watch, which I have to take to the jewelers to get the links out of, so I can't wear it yet!  Ugh! And this PTMT must have patterned shirt!  Come back to the blog Wednesday to see me wearing it!!  Other items are still on their way to me  AND backordered.
But I'm patient!

While we are still on the subject of shopping, I should mention that I went to the outlets this weekend!  And I scored some AWESOME DEALS there too!!  I really think outlet shopping on and online shopping is the only way to go!  I went to the JCrew Outlet to try and find a sweater that I lost this past week (I will not retell the story, as it it just to painful!  LOL), which of course they didn't have!!  But I got the ultimate in deals!  I pair of toothpick skinnies originally $79.50 marked down to $39.97 and an additional 60% off that!  I was so shocked I had to double check with the associate!  He told me yes...and he knew it sounded to good to be true, but it was.. HA!!  When I see deals such as these, and the pants are my size, I feel like I HAVE to get them!!  And I knew just what to wear them with!!!  So it was a win! WIN!!  The jeans will be on the blog Wednesday too!!  I also picked up my first Vera Bradley in over three years!!  It's a new style travel bag and I love, love love it!!
I MAY have also got a matching wristlet!!!  
Another thing I did this weekend, which was 6 years in the making, was watch The Blind Side for the FIRST TIME EVER!!  Crazy, I know!!  I babysat my nephews, and we always play games, watch movies and bake dessert to eat!  Which by the way this time was Crumb Cake...clearly my sister is cray!!  Usually it's just the break and bake cookies!  So much easier!!  But my oldest nephew made the crumb cake while I sat on the couch, crying through pretty much the ENTIRE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What an awesome movie!!  I wanna watch it again!  I saw an article floating around Facebook yesterday about 12 actors and actresses that turned down roles and one was Julia Roberts for the lead in The Blind Side.  But I'm so glad she did, because I really feel like no one but Sandra Bullock could have played that part!!  And that little SJ...too cute!! Great story!!  I just LOVED it!!

Also today, I decided that I am not spending any money on clothes in the month of August!!  I need to start saving money.  It's a goal and I plan on sticking to it!  I really don't need anymore clothes.  When a girl starts contemplating another dresser and closet redesign to fit everything, a limit has been reached!! I think what I have bought will carry me well into the Fall...and if all else fails, I'll just throw a cardi over it!!  =)

I know this post is so totally random today but thanks for reading!  I'm off to go do some laundry and figure out what I'm going to wear to a luau I am going to tomorrow!!  FUN! FUN!!  Fingers crossed for great weather and an even better sunset!!

Until next time...


  1. i just posted a comment and it disappeared :(
    i love the Blindside, amazing movie!

    1. Love it!! Someone else mentioned that their comment disappeared too!! :( Thanks for reposting!!


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