Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WTF Tuesday!

Right now I should be working on putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's Challenge Recap post.  But I took a break from it.  I thought I would just try writing/blogging to get my feelings out.  If my blog is nothing else, it's mine, and a place where I can express my thoughts and feelings.  And right now I'm just thinking to myself...WTF.  I am not really sure what's wrong with me these days.  Why have I been a big ol' mess...I've been crying at the drop of a hat lately.

And the thing is, I'm not even sad!! School's out for SUMMER in 2 days!!  2 more wake ups...and about 87 smacks on the snooze button and I'll be a free woman!!  I am HAPPY dammit!!  Just extra emotional these days and I'm not sure why.  Some might say it's that time of the month...it's not yet! (is that TMI...but I guess this post is TMI!  HA)  But really, what the hell!?!

Have you seen this???

The first time I did, I cried!! And the second and third...How cute...but then he gets old....and I break!!

Then when I was searching for the above, I found this!!  Waaaahhhhh

And people...I am not even a dog person, or a cat person, or an animal person really!! But seeing these make me sad!!

Actually, these just reminded me of a Cheerios commercial I bawled at.  They are all really cute...this might be the saddest ever tho!!

Sunday I didn't so much.  After seeing my dad (and family) on Saturday, I laid low, trying not to talk and taking meds every 4 hours in an attempt to get rid of this damn sickness!  So I did some laundry, some after care admin work and watched a movie marathon on Hallmark Channel.  And after every single one I cried.  Now I know these movies are fiction.  You don't meet and get together in two days in reality, but when that happens on Hallmark Channel, I cry!! So crazy...I KNOW!!

OMG...and I also cried watching Lester Holt's goodbye from the Weekend Today show!

Today, I got choked up watching the first grade lead Mass and listening them sing Hear I am Lord.  It really was the cutest thing!  I've been watching first grade lead the June Mass every year for 6 years and have never gotten choked up.  Only today for some reason!   What is going on?!  Not sure but I thought me writing this all out, might help me get rid of this sad slump I'm in.  Am I in a slump?  I guess so...why else would I be so emotional!!??  Maybe it's just a Solitary Life thing!!

Thanks for listening!!  Come back tomorrow!  I'm linking up with my blogging besties and talking Summer Challenge Looks!!  That'll definitely put a smile on my face!

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  1. I've been like that too lately, must be the sadness that comes with the onslaught of SUMMER HOLIDAYS! But also? I bawled during Inside Out. Good luck with that

  2. I'm not alone!! YAY!! And I didn't realize that it was a SAD movie!! LOL

  3. Girl I cry at EVERYTHING! Hallmark movies especially. I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  4. Having the same sort of week!! But girl, I bawl whenever the little kids do Mass! OMG it's so sweet! Listen to this - I teared up watching my kids sing the VBS theme song today!! Seriously! It must be in the water. Stay strong! XXOO


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