Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Winter Challenge Fun Begins!

Teaming up once again with fellow fashionistas from the Winter/Holiday Challenge, that we've began participating in this week with Alison at Get Your Pretty On!  This is my fourth (and most likely, final) challenge.  Can't even believe how fast time has gone.  When I started these challenges in the Spring, I could never imagined what it would turn into.  It's been so fun, a confidence builder, and a way to make new friends and style sisters.  When I thought about signing up for this challenge, I was a little unsure, given the time of year and everything going on!  But I knew I didn't want to miss out on the the challenge, in the group and blogging with the girls.  Shout out to Deena for another beautiful graphic!!

I just figured out that we are getting the outfits a little differently this time, but I'm still gonna blog about them as I have in the past.  So today is the short and sweet version...the first two outfits!

I was super excited to have the day off Monday for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, so I was able to follow the Day One Challenge outfit pretty closely! When I went to celebrate my sister's birthday, I got lots of compliments on this!

 Cable knit sweater (JCrew Factory)
Dark Skinnies (actually my Hue denim leggings)
Faux Fur Scarf (similar)
Riding Boots

I really loved this!  So super easy to pull together and throw on!  The scarf is pretty large and only goes over the neck, doesn't loop around like the typical infinity.  I liked the way it laid though, and that it covered the little embellishments that go down the front of the sweater.

Day two, I was already a little off!  The weather here was THE PITS!!!  Freezing cold, pouring rain, 60 mile per hour wind gusts and flooding. So yea...the day was a good as you can imagine! I truly believe that on days like that no one should have to leave their bed.  After all, it looks like night all day!!
BUT, if there is one silver lining, when it comes to rain days, it's getting to wear my WELLIES!!! So I swapped out the riding boots for them!  It was a faculty dress down too, so I was grateful for that and with the weather, opted for more of a sweatshirt tunic, rather than a tunic sweater. On the challenge list for the day was a puffer vest, I swapped that out too...for my rain coat!!

So I guess, this outfit is not very challege-y after all!!  The only thing on point were the leggings!  I look forward to wearing the true challenge outfit someday soon. Because I just love my puffer vest !!

Next week I'll have lots more looks from the challenge to share!  Please come back for a look!!

Have a great Wednesday...Have Fun and Look Fabulous!!

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  1. I really love that first scarf...I think it's the length and the texture. Glad you're doing the challenge!

  2. OH I love that sweater in the first picture. I have that same scarf! Love it, although with the 75° weather we're having it looks a little funny. I really wanted to wear it today, but I think it's supposed to be warm. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 65° so maybe I'll wear it tomorrow :) Cause 65° is cold right? hehe...You look great, as always!

  3. These are both so cute on you - you look great! I love your scarves.

  4. Looking great! Love the sweater and scarf combo for day one.

  5. i love the first outfit too!!! super cute and that fur scarf is great (I still need one!)

  6. Waaa, I think I was the only one who didn't wear the first day outfit on the first day. Didn't have the cable knit sweater - thought I wouldn't need it. And then I see everyone looking so gorgeous in theirs and I start scrambling to find one. I never think of J. Crew but your sweater is really great. We don't have J. Crew here in El Paso. Boo! Love the fur scarf, too. And your second outfit is just as cute. XO

  7. Both of the outfits look fantastic!


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