Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Recapping Christmas

I will try as hard as I can to recap what I remember of Christmas.  After all the build-up and anticipation for so long, it always seems to fly right on by...

After cookies and cocktails on Tuesday, I came home and attempted to get my house in order for Christmas Eve Dinner that I was hosting.  I went to bed close to 1 and woke up the next day by 8.  The day was spent cleaning and preparing for my guests and figuring out what to wear!  It was an awful day...it poured buckets!!  So wellies it was!  I did not look particularly Christmasy for Mass but at least I was dry.  Actually, my feet were, I ended up looking like a drowned rat.  But that's the plus side of hosting at your own house.  You can blow dry your hair and change when you get home from Mass.

My bestie and parents arrived at my place around 3.  My bestie and I exchanged gifts (because i was really too excited about hers not to give it to her right away!) we had a few snacks and drinks,  then headed out to Mass.  My church is literally two minutes away form where I live so we didn't leave too early for church.  But we should have left earlier.  There was no more room in the church so we headed over to the Hall/Gym with the rest of the overflow.  This actually ended up being a wonderful Mass.  The Hall was decorated beautifully and the Pastor of the parish said Mass.  I posted his homily in my Christmas post.  My mom commented on how it was like our own private Mass.  It really was!!

After, we came home, had a few apps and drinks, started dinner and waited for my sister and her significant other to arrive.  I think I get too stressed when it comes to hosting.  I knew right away i was going to serve ham and wanted to also serve salmon, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes and my sister brought a salad and brussel sprouts!  But when serving potatoes, one should really offer her guests butter!!  I didn't have any.  Luckily I was able to catch my sister before she left home and she brought some.  There was also something else I didn't have but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.  I told everyone next year I'm treating to Christmas Eve Dinner at my favorite restaurant in town!  HA!

Dinner turned out well though!  Everyone had a great night talking laughing and enjoying one another.  Toward the end of the night I was getting hoarse, and my throat was getting scratchy.  Everyone noticed.  It was suggested to put some bourbon in my tea to help with the sore throat.  I thought I'd be better in the morning!  Everyone left around 11ish or so.  I cleaned up a bit, got ready for bed, took a shot of Nyquil in hopes that the next day, I'd feel better, and headed to bed.  Leaving my wrapping for the next day!!  Because, YES...I still had to wrap my gifts!!  But there weren't many this year, so I wasn't worried!!

A few pics of Christmas Eve
Mom and Dad
Besties at Christmas

Well, lots of glasses of wine, boubon in my tea, and a shot of Nyquil, did absolutely NOTHING for me, and I woke up with less of a voice!  As the morning went on...I ended up with no voice!  Which made for a not so fabulous Christmas!!  But I got through it and had a lot of fun!  Obviously, I didn't talk much!  And our PJ-wearing Christmas tradition ensured that I was cozy all day!!

The gift card grab bag I did for the nieces and nephews was a hit!!  They all had a great time with it!  They made a few trades and did some bargaining but everyone ended up really happy, so I was glad!  Next year's gifts for all of them are already purchased (Thank you after Christmas sales!).

Since we buy gifts for all the kids, the adult "kids" in my family do a Secret Santa.  Which I really discovered is not so secret with some of the couples!! (a BIG BOOOOOO to THAT!!) We send out lists with three options for our Secret Santa to choose from. Then my mom tries to get us the others.  But this year we did the gifts from my parents first so we kinda knew what our Secret Santa didn't get us!!  HA!!  (Which I was kind of annoyed about because I was able to score everything my person wanted on their list and still get it all in the cost limit!!) But it actually worked out and my sister loved that I got her everything and the jewelry organizer that my mom ended up getting her was totally different then the hanging one I got! So I am going to stop harping on it!

  It is always fun because we have to think up a clue for our person and everyone guesses.  Then the person who guesses correctly gets to go next!  I actually opened my gift from my Secret Santa second to last.  It was funny this year how it worked out.  All the girls got the girls and all the guys got the guys.

After present opening  and a family photo shoot, we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  Since we always load up on apps, we went low key and easy with dinner, which was a great idea!!

After some down time and another photo shoot, we went in for dessert!  All the cookies we made were a hit and we didn't even need to worry that their wasn't enough because there was a boatload of yummy treats.  And randomly, we broke out into song!  Apparently we do that now!  Luckily, I was the five golden rings, so all I did was through my hand up and lip sync...

It was a FUN day!!  So much fun, that I needed two days to recover!  Just kidding....but I did spend the weekend sleeping, talking to no one, trying to get my voice back and coughing a lot!!  Sunday I decided that this whole thing was a bit ridiculous, so I returned to the land of the living. I still sound terrible and have a constant cough, but am actually feeling better!

 My mom did an awesome job making all these blankets for the kids!!

It was a warm, beautiful day for Christmas...in the fifties!

Family Sing-along

I still have a few days of vacation left and loots of fun planned, so that makes me really excited! Can't even believe this year is over and 2015 is around the corner!!  In 2015, I'm going to be better at remembering to take pictures for the blog!!  All these are my mom's...so thanks Mom!!

Wishing you all the best New Year!  Have fun, be safe and forget about those resolutions...they rarely stick!!!!  :)


Linking up for the first time today!!  I do love two-fers!!  :)

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