Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Winter Challenge seems to be flying right by...

much like the remainder of this year!!  I have been really slacking when it comes to blogging lately, but I have lots on tap for the rest of the week, so please come on back and check out what's happening with me!! And after Friday, I'm on VACATION for TWO WEEKS!!  I am committing to spending that time blogging and reading (something other than schoolwork).

Back again with another set of Winter Challenge outfits, thanks to Alison at Get Your Pretty On!  I'm having a fun time with these outfits, even though I haven't been faithful to every outfit!  And I am actually liking the different way the outfits are being delivered this time around!  With so much going on this time of year, we are getting a week's worth of outfits all at once. (I didn't fully realize this the first week!)

In last week's post,  I showcased the first two outfits in the challenge.  These next few are the rest of the first week and the start of week two.  And I will be honest...I've already been "off" challenge a bit.

Wednesday, Day 3, called for a poncho, long sleeved tee and plaid scarf with skinny jeans and booties.  I didn't have the poncho but since my blanket scarf is huge, I didn't really need it!  For work I opted for more of a Fall Challenge outfit.  I wore my mustard boyfriend cardi, with this blanket scarf and black pants.  I went out to dinner that night and followed the winter challenge outfit more closely with this...
Love my TOMS glad I finally bit the bullet and bought them!!

Thursday's outfit, Day 4, I ended up wearing on Sunday! The weekend outfits I opted out of, but will definitely be saving them for more dressy occasions!  This was pretty much spot on!  Plaid button down, black skinny jeans or leggings, and white puffer vest, with booties and accessories.  I opted for the black skinnies because I thought my booties looked a little weird with the leggings...I have to figure that one out!!!  But I like wearing my booties with cuffed jeans!  LOL

Friday's outfit, the more I wore it, the more I liked it!  Long printed cardigan, neutral top, skinny jeans, fur scarf and riding boots.  This was my interpretation.

This cardigan was the only thing I ended up buying specifically for the challenge, because I had nothing like it! I got it from Piper Street.  It's no longer available but there are lots of new similar styles {here}. I was unsure of this with the fur scarf, and honestly that didn't last long!!  Any thoughts? Leave them in the comments below!

Like I mentioned before, I opted out of the weekend outfits but my Saturday outfit was pretty challenge inspired, so I thought I'd share!
I'm not gonna lie...I may wear this scarf every other day!!

Monday, challengers rallied in support of a fellow challenger by wearing #tealforterri.  Terri is currently battling GCT, a rare form of ovarian cancer,  Teal is the official color of ovarian cancer.  My teal sweater worked with the other challenge pieces from the day. The puffer vest and dark skinnies with uggs.  This was obviously my after school look.  I wore the sweater with black trouser pants to work!  Learn more about Terri {here}.

Tuesday's outfit of the day, called for a dressy sweater, dark skinnies and riding boots.  Super easy!  Wore the sweater with gray ankle pants for work but changed into the challenge outfit for PT later on in the evening.  Got lots of compliments on this!!  It's hard to see but this sweater, rather than being bejeweled (since I ended up wearing that sweater on Monday) has gold thread embellishing the front.  I got it a few seasons ago!

Today, I will be off challenge!  It is Polar Express Day at school and I get to wear my pajamas!!  I'm pretty excited about it!!!

What have you been wearing this week? Link up with us below...we can't wait to see!  And don't forget to check out how these beauties styled their challenge looks!!
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It's hard to believe this is my fourth challenge.  Much of 2014 has been spent participating in Style Me Challenges.   If you've been following my blog and thinking about joining one too, please read my letter to Alison {here}!  It's been a fabulous, fashionable adventure!

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  1. Love both outfits styled with your blanket scarf! Cute week of outfits!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Hi Katie!

    So glad I found your blog through the link up and felt I had to join to show my love for the Zara blanket scarf! I do not know about you, but my scarf is unravelling at every corner. I feel like I am in the constant state of trimming the thing haha! Hope yours has been holding up better than mine :)


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Chelsea! So glad you found me and now I can follow you too! My scarf's not actually Zara, just super similar! I haven't had any problems so far and I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way! HA!! Thanks for letting me know though!!

  3. Your last outfit is my favorite!

  4. I really like your interpretations, and I LOVE your new cardigan. Looking so pretty!

  5. Saturday's look is probably my favorite - stripes and plaid scarf! Enjoy your two weeks off.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  6. I'm having plaid scarf envy this week! lol everyone has these lovely scarves... need more!

  7. OH I love your scarf...I'm going to be super sad when Summer hits and I can't wear a scarf everyday :) I love your printed cardi, I haven't found one I liked yet, but love yours! You make me want to try harder to find one!

  8. These are all such great outfits!!! Love those mustard pants. And your print cardigan is really pretty. I had to laugh that you, too, wore some of your outfits on the "wrong" days. I don't think I have been on track the whole time but I am loving these outfits. Merry Christmas.


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