Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I probably should be getting my house ready for my Christmas Eve dinner but instead I have sat down to write this!  Because guess what?? Everything is done!!! If you know me....this will shock you!!! And my mom and sister seem to be doing most of the work, I'm just supplying the venue....and I got a HAM!!!! LOL

I guess I wanted to write today to just reflect on the year. I bought a home, (which really TOOK OVER my year!) traveled a bit, went to numerous concerts, spent countless hours with my family and friends, doing something and nothing all at the same time! And spent way too much time online! I probably spent more time on twitter and blogs than I did on Facebook! But I do love keeping up with people! I love the baby pictures, the wedding photos and check-ins! The pics of your dinner...not so much!! But that's only because, when I see these pics, chances are I've had a bowl of cereal for dinner!!! Hahahahahaha 

As the year ends I just wanted I guess to say thanks....to everyone who keeps up with me! Bothers to like, comment or share something I post on Facebook, follow me, retweet or reply to something I've tweeted or took the time to read this silly blog I have!! Even though there are only a handful of people I actually saw this year, please know that the rest of you are thought about often! I wish you a Merry Christmas and nothing but the best in 2014!! 

My wish for all of you this Christmas and throughout the coming year...

Wherever you are, I hope that you're laughing

Whoever you're with, I hope that you're having

The time of your life and everything's right
Whatever you wish, I hope that you get it
When love walks in, I hope that you let it
And baby be glad when you look back at me
I'll never be sad as long as you're happy

(Lyrics from Uncle Kracker's Happy)

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