Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So I might have gone a little overboard...

Holy Cow...the Christmas Season is here people!!!  How did that happen!?!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I know I did...but really thanksgiving isn't any different from numerous family dinners throughout the year.  And I guess that is what I am most grateful for....that Thanksgiving isn't the only day of the year that my family sees one another!!  With 18 in my immediate family alone, we see each other plenty, from birthdays...to random happy hours and Sunday football in between! LOL

It's always good to have the time off from work too!  Even though, being a teacher, these next couple of weeks are the toughest...for the kids...and me!  Everyone is most looking forward to our longer vacation coming soon and not really concentrating on work!  Instead it's all Elf on the Shelf and Santa Coming Craziness!!

I certainly, used my few days off wisely!  I SHOPPED!!  WOO to the HOO!!  But I did it the best way!  ONLINE..with coffee in hand (or wine) and clicking the internet for the best sales, with the help of my new best friend in Cyberspace, Pinterest Told Me To.  Seriously, I am addicted, and she did all the legwork and I reaped the rewards!  (Pinterest Told Me To was also the blog that told me to wear leggings to Thanksgiving dinner, which I did...best decision ever!!  If I could live in leggings I would! (Leggings or pj's...it's a toss up!)

But seriously, I shopped a lot....I bought somethings for others and somethings for myself.  I never buy anything that I don't figure out a place for me to wear it first.  For instance, I bought a few things for myself that I can wear to various holiday parties, so if anyone wants to invite me to any...I'll be there, and dressed to the nines!!  :)
I am pretty impressed with myself too that, nearly all my Christmas shopping is done!  GO ME!!

However, I realized I may have gone a bit overboard! When I got home from work today, I had so many packages in front of the door I couldn't get in! Hahaahaahahahahahaha...waaaahhhh!!!  And that was only half of what I've ordered!!  But on the bright side, CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW QUICKLY I GOT EVERYTHING?????

I must go, and sort out my purchases!!  Until next time!

And totally go find Pinterest Told Me To!!  Like, Follow and Share her everywhere!  Right now she's giving away a $500 gift card to Nordstrom...the best store ever!  Check out her blog and all the details here:

Merry Christmas to all!  I hope to write more before the holidays!  Especially now that I'm getting ready for my first Christmas Eve dinner at MY HOUSE!!

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  1. You totally have me addicted to Pinterest Told Me To! Look at it every day and just made my Christmas list from all of her suggestions!!!! Good luck, Sean :) But love your blog the best. You crack me up...and yes, I am so proud of you for getting all your shopping done. Now enjoy getting ready for your big Christmas Eve at your house, which I hate to miss!!!! XOXO


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