Monday, October 6, 2014

What's On....

 Today on Andrea's blog it's Manda Monday!  Please hop on over to read all about Andrea's sweet friend, Manda and how you can help join her in fighting against her battle with cancer! #MANDASTRONG

Linking up with Andrea again for her What's On series!  This month it's What's On...Your Feet!!

Currently, I'm sporting this awful thing!!!
It is not the cute boots I imagined spending time in, that's for sure! But once this is off, these shoes will be in heavy rotation this Fall...and Winter!!  I kinda went bootie crazy!!
These are the bootie version of my fave boots from last Fall.  The boots are sold out not but they're selling a "this year's version" pretty similar!  Check them all out here!

These are my newest pair of booties!  Haven't worn them yet, but they were pretty comfy when I tried them on!! And the wedge is not too skinny (these legs can't handle that!)

These are cool, low, and edgy!  And I scored them at a super price!!
famous footwear

This last pair was a stretch for me, but I scored them at Payless at a good price so I picked them up!  Will be fun to wear for a GNO!!

I'll also still be getting lots of use out of the few pairs of riding boots I have too!!  I just love boots/booties with skinny jeans in the FALL!!  Can't wait to see what's on your feet!

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Have a great week!


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