Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TBB Takes Toronto: a recap!

/PART 1/

There are clothes still in my suitcase, some more in the washer and I have yet to get my life back in order since returning home, but all the Toronto recaps are rolling in and I am just loving them!  So I'm jumping on the bandwagon too.

{Side note: Sorry Ma for no Florida recap this time around!!  If you wanna see the beauty that is The Villages, read this.  Not much changed this year, except maybe that it rained! After 103 days of no rain...it poured monsoon rain!  Oh and Mom still loves to dance in the square...but this year her new favorite is DJ Scooter and The Wobble!  That was an experience!}

I don't know why but the theme of the Real World was in my head all week leading up to the trip.  It was MTV's original reality show.  Ya know the whole, "seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real...The Real World...

So when I thought about why, it was probably because this is how I was feeling about the trip... 11 strangers (14 really) picked to start a blog and travel to Toronto, to find out what happens when they come out from behind their computers and step into the real world!  TBB...Toronto!!  Or something like that.  

Months and months ago when I started telling people, I was taking a trip to Toronto and they asked why...I'd tell them it was to meet friends.  But when they probed me for further info and found out I didn't actually know these women "in real life", I got more than a few weird looks and lots of concerning questions. And then I became all defensive like, "BUT I DO KNOW THEM...FOR LIKE THREE YEARS NOW!!  We're The Blended Blog after all!!

When last Thursday arrived and my trip became a reality...I had ALL the emotions!!  I was a nervous wreck heading to the airport, thinking I'd never get there, thanks to an accident and ton of traffic! But of course I did.  After checking in, I settled myself with a little glass of prosecco and thought about the weekend ahead.  Getting texts from friends with wishes of safe travels and witty jokes about staying safe among people I didn't even know, I got on the plane with nothing but excitement for the weekend that was ahead of me...and I couldn't wait.  

I read this on the flight, hoping that after the weekend I could write my own Love Letter to Canada! (future blog post, maybe?!?)

The plane ride wasn't the best. Here are some notes I had on my phone from the ride:

Pros and Cons of this Flight to Toronto:
Pro: Cute guy sitting by the window, and no one in between us!  Score!
Con: He just took out his barf bag...if he throws up, so will I!  Another con: He's married (of course he is!)

Pro: We are finally up in the air
Con: it only took us an hour!

Pro: this flight is an hour and three minutes gate to gate.
Con:  The pilot obviously did not get the memo that it's record breaking temps in the city today! It's hot as hell in here!  Another con, I might smell when I meet my TBB friends for the first time!!

Pro: Good Tunes!  Helping me to disregard this turbulence!
The lyrics kinda went along with my emotions too!  "Feels like I'll burst an explode any minute now!"Kinda {All is Beauty- Jamie Lawson}

Con: My seatmate asked me to hold his water and then proceeded to puke! While I confidently held his water, I also frantically looked in my bag for my bottles of peppermint and purification essential oils.  I knew if I didn't, I'd throw up too!  I totally became the crazy oil lady!!  But they saved me!
Pro: He was a super quiet puker!  LOL

I was never so happy to get off a plane in my life! When I did I headed straight to the restroom, obviously.  

At the airport,  I met up with Sarah and Alison, who had arrived around the same time as me, so we were heading to the hotel together.   Sarah was as bubbly and smiley and every bit as kind as I had imagined her to be.  Alison, was more quiet and reserved like I knew she would be.  But I felt an instant connection with them.

This train is NO LIRR people!  It was so pleasant and fabulous!!

We took a train from the airport into Union Station, 25 minutes away, then headed by subway and taxi to The Grand, with a quick stop in between. Getting to our beautiful hotel and walking in to meet the wonderful ladies I knew who were waiting for us, the butterflies returned.  But after hugging, smiling and laughing with Andrea, Lisa, Nicole and Shaunacey, I knew the weekend was off to a great start.  Myself, Lisa, Andrea and Nicole were new to everyone, not having gone to the first TBB Meet-up in Vegas last year!  So we were all pretty much in the same boat!

The ladies were drinking (well except Shaunacey, who's waiting on baby number three to arrive!) and had ordered burgers when we arrived, so the three of us followed suit!  The burger really hit the spot. I couldn't even tell you the last time I had a big juicy burger, but it was beyond delicious!!

Whitney arrived shortly after us and like me, went for the wine and burger. We were both at the table together, so I was happy to chat and get to know her better. She would later become my roomie (and bed buddy) for the weekend, along with Alison!

As everyone talked and got to know each other, Andrea surprised us all with TBB goodie bags she put together for us!!  I especially love the TBB Magnet and personalized TBB M&Ms (that I'm eating as I type this)!  And of course, our awesome TBB tanks!  
Andrea is just the sweetest, kindest soul with the most infectious laugh!  She a calming force!! And she most certainly is the is the epitome of a pineapple (one of her favorite things!)...stands tall and is sweet on the inside!! 

A little while later, real life BFF's Deena and Christy arrived!!  I was really excited to see Deena again.  She's actually the only TBBer I had met in real life.  Last fall she made a quick trip to visit me in my hometown. and I instantly loved her.   She was the planner and the driving force to making all this happen!!  

Christy and I hit it right off.  When she ordered a Coors Light I laughed but thought to myself, let's be besties!

We all talked, ate, laughed and got to know each other over yummy sweet treats from Shaunacey and Nicole and were sad we were missing Lana!  She was due to meet up with Christy and Deena and travel with them from Calgary but missed their connecting flight.  So it was Saturday morning before I got to meet her!  Boo!!!  

But I think that's all from me for now too!  I really didn't intend on going on and on!!  

Tomorrow you'll meet Lana, hear my thoughts on ice wine, see the most fashionable girls at The Falls (US!), attend a baby shower, see a few sights from our walk around the city and shopping... because there was shopping!  Woo Hoo!!

Until then...thanks for sticking with me!!

And since I'm pretty sure, many of you will be reading this tomorrow, head on over to The Blended Blog for Wednesday Fashion Files and link up with us!  Spending the Weekend with these beautiful ladies has inspired me to post more fashion posts....soon!!


  1. I giggled my way through this, Katie...especially loved your link to the Real World...so true!

  2. All these recap posts are making me wish you all lived closer - feels like the weekend wasn't long enough but I'm so grateful to have spent some time with you and to witness you drink a giant beer lol next time I'll be enjoying with you!

  3. Bahah. Was totally the real world. Loved this. I had no idea your flight was that bad. Omg. Lol!!

  4. Great recap - I am you Canadian friend that acts American and we convinced you that Clamato in your beer is actually really tasty. Today I am wearing my new bell sleeved shirt inspired by you!

    1. LOL Yes it is!! And yay for bell sleeve tops...that totally makes my day!!

  5. I LOVE your recap, you are so funny and this makes me miss you immensely, Can't wait to read tomorrow! So happy that I can call you a IRL friend!

  6. I still cannot believe the story of your flight. How gross! But poor guy. You are a gem for dealing with that. And your recap is so fun to read. I'm looking forward to the next few posts!

  7. Oh my - what a flight - I don't think I would be able to hold it together after someone puked next to me. You are one strong woman! I am assuming his "cute-ness" factor went down a bit after that incident.

    Daily Style Finds

  8. I can totally hear you telling this story in my head. You and your cute accent :)

  9. Love this recap of day one! I'm so, so happy to have finally met you. You are an amazing woman and I'm so happy to call you friend!

  10. You are the best, sweet angel Katie!! What gracious and precious words!! Miss you so much!

  11. I was laughing reading about your pros and cons lists! You have an accent?? I wanna hear it!!

  12. Shut up! I would have died about the guy on the plane!! No mam


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