Monday, May 1, 2017

April in Numbers!

Seriously….how is it May already!  On the one hand I’m excited because it means we’re that much closer to summer vacation, and on the other hand I’m like…”Weren’t we just celebrating the New Year a hot second ago??”.

Sharing a rewind of April in Numbers today, like I do with Deena from time to time.  April just flew by.  And you know the saying, April Showers Bring May Flowers?  No truer words people, no truer words!!

14 Days in April it rained.  10 days it was just cloudy. That doesn’t leave many days for sun does it?  Nope!  We did luck out on Easter though!  Easter Sunday felt more like the 4th of July...temps in the 80’s and plenty of sun!  

For the Month of April, I set three big goals.  

Sadly, I didn’t do great with them!  I did save for my trips because I know that’s going to be a huge expense.  My March 30th and April 30th After care checks I transferred to my savings account, not to be touched until my trips! Both of those totaled over $800, so that’s a good start!!

April is Tax time! And I received some money back, but also had to pay a little. The money back outweighed the paying, so I'm calling it a win...and set aside some of that for my trip too!

April was Spring Break month.  I was off a total of 12 days!  Woo Hoo!

One Awesome day was spent in the City seeing Waitress: The Musical on Broadway!  Read more about it here!  

This where I failed with the “Eat Out Less” goal.  Because all I ever do on breaks is Eat Out!  Because I get together with friends in town!  

My time off consisted of: 3 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 4 Dinners out!  Somedays I went out to eat twice.  I don’t mind it though because if I don’t have to cook, all the better!

I also took a friend out for her birthday earlier in the month and was invited to sushi, which I never pass up, hit up Meetball twice, once for National Pretzel Day! (HAD TO!!)  

But that is not to say I didn’t have any home cooked meals!  I mistakenly received a Hello Fresh delivery on the 7th.  2 out of the three meals I made...and really liked!  I went to my sister’s house three times and had wonderful meals there, too!

On the solitary nights I spent at home chances are I had the good old standby for dinner...quesadillas!  LOL

With the breakfasts out and a shower that included cake and coffee, my coffee count this month is 67….eeeekkkk!!  That's too much...I have to cut back to one cup a day again in May!! And get back to hitting my daily water goals!!

I really tried NOT to shop in April....but it didn't work!  There was a Grand Opening of a new boutique in town!  And in a town overrun with restaurants, actually getting a retail store and a boutique that's so me....I just had to go and support! I made out really great!  And got a free cami to boot!  So a hundred bucks went directly into supporting local, up-and-coming shop owner with a super cute store, that I'll definitely return too...

Had high hopes to read more in April since I was off, but only finished  one, The Magnolia Story and began another To All the Boys I Loved Before!  Super Cute so far....

Another fun fact: Was able to spend 3 days this month with my Mom and Dad!  They came home for Easter.  In two weeks, I’ll be out there way!!  Woo Hoo!!  

April on the Blog!
12 Posts Written- When I was on Spring Break, I took a blog break also!
I was really terrible about posting the blog to Facebook in April, but the post with the most views in April was my Waitress Recap!
The Facebook community got a few new likes in April...YAY!!  Consider joining too, here!
Pics posted to Insta in April: 39  (Missed a few daily photos! Boooo…) To see the pics, follow me! I'm @solitarylife101

I think that's about all I documented in April!  I'll end with a few things that were too many to count:
millions of laughs this month, lots LESS hours of TV watched, more hours of music listened too instead!!  These things I do on the daily...because WHY NOT!?!

Hope April found you surrounded by the people you love and lots of laughs to go around!  Bring on MAY!!!


  1. Sounds like a really fun month overall (minus the lack of sun)! I'm so impressed that you track your coffee intake. Haha!

  2. Rain, rain go away!! Cute Mug!!

  3. Wow that is a lot of rainy and cloudy days, crazy. And wow that is a lot of coffee, I drank 0. You had my portion of coffee, hehe.

  4. E for effort for no shopping. Can't wait to hang with you so very soon!

  5. If you must shop - shop local! I'm cheering for you, friend!

    1. Awww...thanks Carrie! I'm really trying to shop less, thnanks to your example!!

  6. yay for trips!! I'll see you THIS month! that's exciting
    also, agree with Carrie, if you must shop, shop local!


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