Thursday, May 25, 2017

TBB Takes Toronto: A recap! Part 2

Yesterday I shared a Toronto Day 1 Recap.  I honestly wasn't intending it to be just day one, but then I sorta got going and couldn't stop myself. So today I'm treating you to the rest of the trip!!

When we last left off, our sweet Lana was still flying while most of us had gone to bed.  But we had a Niagara Bus Tour planned for all day Friday, so it was up and at 'em early!  When we got to breakfast Lana was there.  Lana is a really cool and funny chick, who I'm not quite sure knows she's as cool and fun as she is.

After a quick breakfast, we headed into the lobby for a photo shoot and to meet up with our bus driver and tour guide for the day.  I don't think when I got on that bus at 8:30 is the morning I had any idea what was going to happen, other than I was headed to a Winery and the Falls.
Our First Group Photo!

But the 11 of us boarded the bus. When we got on the road (an hour later) with thirty more people in tow, and already three bathroom breaks in, we stopped at the mall, did a random drive through a Catholic School, a few loops a round a traffic circle,  and got too our first destination-- hours later

Our first stop was a super cute little town, the name of which I don''t recall at the moment but I do know we were only there for a short time.  Enough for some to grab and ice cream and others to get a coffee!

This little town was also a great place to take photos of our sneaks!

When Fashion bloggers untie!

As we walked back to the bus I was so happy to get to know and talk to Lisa some more.  I am in awe of her.  She lives closest to  Andrea and Whitney but has been to The Parsons School in New York City and is working on her own fashion line.  I can't wait to buy one of her tops or jackets when they're available.  When she talked about Parsons, all I could think about was Project Runway...and how Lisa could totally be Heidi Klum!!

After sightseeing, we were next headed to a winery.  I liked this stop, but again, it was too short.  Not enough wine tasting IMO!  HA!

But I did get to try Canada's ice wine.  This is what I thought of it....

It wasn't for me.  More of a dessert wine...very sweet.  I did like our driver Jay's idea to throw it over some ice cream though.  How could I have forgotten to talk about Jay!!  He was our guide for the day and only actually told us his name about 7 hours in.  But boy did he give us an education on that bus!! Stories, jokes, facts and figures of his beloved Canada...he was the real deal and totally worth the trip!!

Oh wait...seeing the Falls up close from a boat was worth the trip!!!  The amount of water that flows and falls is really ridiculous but the whole thing is really freaking cool.

Things I failed to mention....our nice lunch and a trip into another little town before boarding the bus yet again for the long trek home!!
Christy and I...bus buddies!!!

Friday night we headed to dinner in The Distillery District.  I was super excited to go to this Mexican place, because I absolutely love Mexican food.  We ordered the 7 course tapas, so we all got to try a little bit of everything.

Wished I had the big purse for these glasses...hehe!!

While at dinner  we had a little baby shower for Shaunacey, whose due with baby number three in October.  It was a lot of fun!!  Great minds think and two others got her onsies with this sentiment...ha!!

Saturday was our walking tour of Toronto!  And boy did we walk, and walk and WALK some more!  But I loved it.  And was happy I got to chat some more with Lisa!  (Thanks for hanging with me Liss!)  As we walked and explored, we discussed how Toronto reminded us of a smaller scale New York City.

Why do I not have a picture with Lisa?!?  Here she is in front of her Spirit House!!

We headed to the coolest place called Graffiti Alley.  Where we took lots of photos.

And our resident professional  photographer (and blogging soulmate), Nicole took head shots of everybody!  I was really embarrassed to have my photo taken, but I actually don't think it came out half bad!!  Thanks Nicole. Seriously, all the photos she took on the trip are amazing.  I wish I could post them all!!

We also enjoyed a great lunch at Lakeview Diner where I tried poutine and had my first beer and clam!!  I am officially Canadian now!!

 Thanks for introducing me to Poutine and Beer and Clam Deena!!

After that, SHOPPING!!  The group split into two and some of us headed to the food court to rest our tired feet and get geleto!  YUM!!  Then it was off to do some shopping.  Everything thing I purchased, I got from stores I knew we didn't have here.  And Nicole and Shaunacey were great shopping guides for us!!  I don't have an pics of anything I bought yet, but you can bet that'll I finally be linking up for TBB Fashion Files to show it all off soon!!

Before heading back to the hotel on Saturday, we did dinner at a place called Pickle Barrel.  And I think this was my favorite.  Not because it was the best meal, but because we were all together.  At most of the places we went to eat, we were split into two groups.  And even when they accommodated our large group of 11 on Friday night, the table was so big, the other half of the group felt MILES AWAY!!  At Pickle Barrel it was more intimate!!  We chatted and talked about TBB and I unknowingly order a beer as big as my head.  I hear special, I say OK!
Sarah's the Queen of Selfies!!  

It was a long day that ended with us all on the rooftop for a dip in the hot tub for more chit chat and fun!

Sunday I woke up not quite believing that the weekend was coming to an end!  The group lost three of our tribe by 8:30 and the rest of us headed out to the mall for more shopping.  And Nicole's first ever trip to Nordstrom!! After more shopping we headed back to the hotel to say quick goodbyes to Shaunacey and Nicole and the rest of us headed to the airport.  I ended the trip, the way it began, with Alison and Sarah.  I was the last to leave!

While I alone in the airport on Sunday night,  I reflected on the trip and what it means to me. There are some things I wish I'd said and done, some girls I wish I had more time with but I still can't believe that I'm part of this fabulous, fun, diverse group of ladies. "The Blended Blog Squad" as Andrea's dubbed us!
How cute are these tanks?!?  Thanks Andrea!!

I am grateful!  My heart is full...and until I get to see them all again, that exactly where I will keep all of them!!  And don't be surprised if they and more about this trip pops up on the blog from time to time!!

Thanks ladies for your kindness, and a weekend I'll never forget!

And thanks too, for sharing your photos! :)

Whew....that was fun to relive!!


  1. awwww Katie I loved this. When I reflect back I have so many "I wish I did this, or said this, or talked to..." moments but I think it's because our time was so short. We're all so lucky to have met each other. I'm not kidding when I say I'm coming to NYC! xoxo

  2. I miss you already! But I will keep you in my heart, too, until we are all together again. Also, I just ordered a pair of those Adidas sneakers. I couldn't resist!

    1. LOL...YES WHITNEY!!! There was no's a MUST HAVE!!

  3. I was laughing through this whole thing. I love your recap! I can't wait to see you again, and soon! Like Whitney I need a pair of those Adidas sneakers! Loved finally meeting you and starting and ending our trip together!

  4. As I read, it's as if I can her your sweet voice and laugh re-living these events. One of the best weekends ever and I can hear your laugh all the way from NY!!!

  5. Loved your version Katie! You have some details others failed to mention! Thank ma for taking me along with you!

  6. Katie, you are amazing and wonderful and I can't tell you how happy I am to call you friend. Can't wait for next year!


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