Sunday, February 1, 2015

Create 28 began today!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday all!!  I mentioned on Friday that I had little or no plans of even watching the Big Game and yet, as I type this I am on hour three of coverage.  There really is nothing else on.  And yes, I've been doing my typical Sunday things while it's been on in the background.  But I gotta say, I am enjoying it.  I think this is what I like best.  I always love the stories behind the players and the game and the funny in betweens!  From 12 to 1 NBC aired the NFL special, Together We Make Football where football families competed for the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl..I might have cried...wish I DVR'd it.

But enough about Super Bowl, I'm putting together a Sunday post to share with you Create 28.  Create 28 is the brainchild of my bloggy buddy and fellow Style Me Challenger, Carrie from A Lovely Little Wardrobe.   It's about creating looks with the pieces in your closet.  Each day in February Carrie gives us a prompt with the look to wear (actually the night before) and we put together the look the way we wish.   Carrie explains it MUCH BETTER than I can HERE

Today was day one, and the look was a Favorite Go-To.  This is mine!

#Create28BLovely: Day One: Mustard Cardi, striped tee, blanket scarf, dark skinnies, riding boots!

I feel like I've worn this outfit about a million times this fall and winter!  It's just easy and I LOVE EASY!!  I also love that since I'm wearing the blanket scarf, I can just throw my hair up!  I've worn this look with jeans mostly, but also a few times at work with slacks.

I'll be showcasing my looks each day on Instagram, and linking up with Carrie on Mondays to show how I put together my outfits.  Link up too...It's lots of fun!!  And don't forget to hashtag your looks with #Create28BLovely across Social Media.  See my looks and follow me {HERE} and {HERE}!

Enjoy the Super Bowl...the game, the food, the commercials and the half time show!!
I'll be watching too... :)


  1. That's pretty much my go-to look also, except I don't have a blanket scarf yet. So cute on you! I'm looking forward to Carrie's challenge.

  2. I didn't plan on watching the game either and next thing you know, I've seen the whole thing.

  3. super cute look - i love stripes + plaid + jeans. i need some better riding boots though, and i'm not super into my mustard cardi anymore. i totally didn't watch the game, i watched hgtv on netflix lol.


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