Monday, February 9, 2015

Create 28 Recap!!

I am really very sad that I'm only just sitting down to write my Create 28 recap and that this is the first time in almost a week that I am blogging.  Last week just got away from me!!  I did a few things that I don't usually do during the week, which made it even busier, and going  away this past weekend and preparing for that, I seemed to have no time!!  I even missed out on linking up with my Style Me Girls on Friday! Sorry Ladies!!  Go show them some love here!

I'm really enjoying playing along with Carrie at A Lovely Little Wardrobe and participating in Create 28, even though I failed a bit!!  3  days I opted out of and one day I forgot to take a picture.  Sometimes by the time I remember,  I'm already in my pj's!  I WILL DO BETTER THIS WEEK!!  So it's not as extensive as it should be but I do have a few things for you to see!  If your a regular reader, you may have seen most these (and thanks for the sweet comments)...

Day One/Sunday: A Go-To Look!
I feel like I've worn this outfit about a million times this fall and winter!  It's just easy and I LOVE EASY!!  I also love that since I'm wearing the blanket scarf, I can just throw my hair up!  I've worn this look with jeans mostly, but also a few times at work with slacks.

Day 2: Monday/A Monochromatic Look!  
I'll admit to being afraid of this a little.  The white shirt makes it not so much a full-on Monochromatic, but I've never really done a gray on gray look and thought the gray shirt, gray pants, and gray sweater just looked too much.  This was actually my February Pinspired look too!

Day 3/Tuesday: A Neutral Look
This was one of the one's I didn't take a picture of but I have one!!  I wore this same look during #ScarfWeek and during the Fall Challenge! Clearly,  I love this look! I wore it with brown trouser pants to work.

Day 4/Wednesday: Colored Bottoms!  So sad that I didn't rock my colored bottoms on this day!  I have bunch.  But most are too Springy for right now or are denim and cords, which are too dressed down for work!  You will see me in colored bottoms soon though!!  :)

Day 5/Thursday: Polka Dots!!
I love this polka dot sweater and NEVER wear it!!  Not really sure why!!  But when I saw polka dots was the look of the day, I knew I would pull this out!  On the left is how I wore it to work and the right was my after school look, which I kinda took from my fellow Style Me friend, Sarah.  She wore this look during the Winter Challenge! We were twinning this day too!

Day 6/Friday: A Denim Look!  This was another day I opted out!  No denim for me at work, unless it's a Dress Down Day!  First Friday Mass is NOT a dress down day!  HA!  Oh, and I also wore red for "Go Red for Women" day, to show my support for Woman and Heart Health.

This weekend I was away, and funny enough I did wear Saturday's look, which was a favorite sweater, but I don't have any pics of just me in it!!  :(  And Sunday was a travel day so I didn't do the skirt!  Each look I don't end up wearing, I'll showcase and blog about at another time!  (Will also hear more about my weekend, at some point this week, too)

I am having a lot of fun participating in this!  Enjoying everyone's take on the looks.  It's not too late to join!  Check out more looks and join here!  And to see my looks daily on Instagram follow me...I'm @missmitch2

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  1. You are just too cute! Your posts always make me smile. My favorite looks is the polka dot - I really like that sweater A LOT!

  2. Pretty as a picture. I keep wanting to get on board with Carrie's Create28 but have worn the right outfits on the wrong days, Have enjoyed following you gals, though. I really like your first outfit with the stripes, the blanket scarf and mustard sweater. Super combo.

  3. I keep forgetting to take pictures of my Create28 looks! Love all yours :)!

  4. love your looks! I wasn't organized enough to participate but I've loved seeing everyone's looks!


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