Friday, January 8, 2016


It's finally Friday!!  Woo Hoo!!  The first week back is always rough and I feel like there was no easing into it....faculty meetings, changes in schedule, extra After Care, etc. made for a crazy week back!  I am so looking forward to a much need Wine Night tonight..

I mentioned in Monday's post that since I never blogged over the holidays, I'd recap my favorite "happenings" during the week!!  So that's what today's post is! 

The Christmas vacation is always busy! But of course, it was all good stuff!

Wednesday  (the 23rd) at noon I was officially on VACATION.  School ended at 11:30 and then we headed out for the faculty Christmas Lunch!  It was at a little Cafe in  town and was really yummy.  Lots of evidenced by these super cute menus made by my friend, Di, party planner at heart!!

After lunch it was off to the annual Cookies and Cocktails! We were down one this year with my sister Erin being off caroling at The Club"...excuse us!  But it was still fun!  Even mom actually made something this year!!  Ting-a-lings...which I had never even heard of but were freaking delish!
If you're wondering about my random "ugly sweater, read about it here!
More about our Cookies and Cocktails tradition is over at the The Blended Blog!

Christmas Eve at my house
I was once again hostess for Christmas Eve.  This time I thought I'd be less stressful to get dinner catered.  I thought's still stressful!!  HA!!  But the food was fabulous and everyone raved about it, so I was glad for that.  And I had lots of leftovers!  The night was so fun!  There was dinner, Christmas Karaoke, lots of laughs and wine to go around!!

Christmas Day in PJs! 
Enough said!! 

Christmas Dinner
Monday night I went out to dinner with two of my most favorite people.  Joanne is my teacher friend from my very first school and job.  I moved on from that school after 4 years, while Joanne has since retired.  But over the years we have made the effort to stay in touch and do lunches and dinners anytime we can on days off and over holidays.  Her husband often comes too.  We went to a fabulous dinner at what is becoming our favorite place.  Before I went here with them, I knew nothing about this little place in a store front.  But it is gorgeous and the food is outstanding!!  And I was so excited when I saw my Christmas gift from them....because Joanne said it would prove she reads the blog!!  Woo Hoo...a set of my favorite prosecco glasses!!  Read the blog she does!!  LOL
Love these two!! 

The Wineries!
Tuesday was the most fun, random day!!  I went out the the wineries with my mom and aunt.  My aunt belongs to a number of wine clubs and it saves on shipping if you go pick up the wine.  So we decided to make a day of it. And she hadn't been to the one place in a year so she came away with 12 bottles...It was a great time to go.  The weather was crappy, and not many people were out there, so we were able to get some personalized service.  We hit Three wineries (attempted a fourth but it was closed!) and the Vodka Distillery. We ended the night with dinner at the Meetball back home...where I had a beer (because why not?  I had everything else that day!)  We had lots of laughs!! It was just so much fun! 

New Year's Festivities
Thursday, Friday and Saturday was spent with my bestie, Mel!  We've spent 20+ New Year's Eve's together.  From when we were little and spent the nights at her aunt's house (where I learned to play roulette and race horses, at age 7...I think!) to now where we swap off the night at each other's houses.  There's been a few years in there that we didn't hang or went out, out and spent a boatload of money, but we've found that this is easiest and most fun!  After spending last new year's here, it was my turn to go to Mel's. She's so good, She decorated the house, had party favors and a spread out for like 10.  And it was just the two of us...and her two cats (the ONLY cats on this planet I will ever love!)  There was yummy food, lots of wine, and champagne, and a countdown to midnight!  Then the following night it was Family Dinner with Mel's side of the family, who are my family too!!

More bits and pieces...

I did a bit of cleaning up and a closet purge. I counted 47 pairs of dress pants in my closet.  That's what kind of started it off!  So I got rid of stuff.  I can still stand to lose some more, so I've joined Carrie's Challenge at A Lovely Little !  Check it out here!

I spent a fun afternoon with some teacher friends!  I love that we get together over the breaks too! They got their girls together for a playdate... I just sorta crash!  LOL

Sunday Funday was spent celebrating Dad's Birthday!  It was fun!!  And is really always the last of the holiday events for our family!  Now Mom and dad are back in Florida.  Away from this Winter weather that has finally reared it ugly head!

And then, just like that it was back to work...but we made it through!!  Enjoy the weekend!!

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  1. You had a great break! I'm jealous of your bestie being so close by. Mine is roughly an hour Northwest of me and we have a hard time hammering out time to hang out with our schedules. Boo. I'm ready to go visit your parents in FL...pick me up on your way! LOL xo Amanda

  2. yay Friday (and wine)!!! looks like you had a lovely vacation!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  3. Such a fun holiday break. It's so hard to go back to work after all those good times :)!

  4. This weekend I have a date with my closet. Are you guys off on MLK Monday? That's PURGE day at my house. Anxious to see my numbers. Do you have a consignment store where you can sell things? Mine is very picky and prefers designer clothes than my Target and Loft Outlet. Waaa! Maybe a yard sale?


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