Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Our First Foray into a Sentence-a-Day!

Blogging with some of my favorite ladies from The Blended Blog today!  And we're doing something a little different but so much fun!  We've decided to commit to documenting April in a Sentence-a-Day.  Sarah had seen this done before and told us all about it.  I was immediately on board and super excited to give this a try!
So here goes...

1st- Eating anything other than meatballs at Meetball is just wrong!

2nd- We may not get together often but when we do, it's always fun.

3rd- It's totally ok to have left all this work for the very last day of vacation.

4th- Where did Spring go?

5th- The world is full of nutjobs...it doesn't matter where you are!

6th- Maybe I overdid it...

7th- I need to retire.

8th- I'm not getting worked up!  Are you kidding me??

9th- He hung himself-like with a real rope!

10th- Happy Tea Party Day!

11th- There's not enough coffee to get me through this Monday!

12th- And so the dreaded last hour begins.

13th- We'll still be here til 6 o'clock!

14th-I really should have gone to Vegas!

15th- What a waste! (Speaking about wine that went wasted in my fridge!)

16th- Woo Hoo!!  Bake Me! (Me to...the sun!)

17th- This is a "shady area". (Where my sister likes to park her big-ass truck in parking lots!)

18th-Unfortunately I didn't go anywhere. (My response to everyone at work who wanted to know where I went for the weekend since I was so tan!)

19th- This world is scary small!!  (Me after meeting someone from grammar school after 25 years who said...I know you!)

20th- You can get a little tipsy on Tuesday...you can't get drunk!

21st- Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day! (100x to all my students today)

22nd- Wine...I've missed you!

23rd- I'm not even drunk yet but I've just been to 3 really sketchy places looking for the bathroom. (Things I say to school parents at the Spring Fling!)

24th- 4:50 a.m....you've got to be kidding me!

25th- I just really love my tulips!

26th- You ready for this Meg? (Asking my sister if she's ready for what a blog photo shoot with me entails! HA!)

27th- I really don't need wine tonight! (I know...I'm shocked these words came out of my mouth too!)

28th- I LOVE IT!  (Me in the salon!)  Eeeeekkkk!!!  (Me when I got home..but i really do love it!!)

29th- I really just need a guy to take out my garbage! (The actually words that came out of my mouth while watching my neighbor take out his garbage...lol)

30th- As long as she doesn't spit in our food we'll be alright!

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Whew...what a month!!  And good news!!  We're making this a link up!  So start documenting your days in just a sentence this month and mark your calendars to link up with us on June 2nd!


  1. I love this post! I started it but obviously didn't finish. Are you going to be doing it again?

    1. Thanks Carrie! Yes we are doing this again and making it a link up! Document this month and link up with us on June 2nd!

  2. Lol- love that you provided a description!

  3. So fun! Except day 9! What was THAT about?! I loved your little explanations in the parentheses!
    Making the Most of Every Day

  4. Haha to #15! I will drink bad wine before I throw it away!

  5. I hope you're talking about watching a Western or something with #9...hehe. Loved reading about your month! So how did you unexplainably get tan on a weekend you went no where? Your backyard?

  6. I love this! Really need to get on the ball for May - except I'm already behind!

  7. Wait... you said you don't need wine? Were you ok?? :)

  8. So glad you guys are doing this again for May so this old dog can get with the program. I love the graphic that you guys created...who created it? And your sentences are fun, thoughtful, insightful to my Katie. :) I feel like I know you better.

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