Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What's in My.... Kitchen and Pantry!

Linking up today to share what's in my kitchen today with some of my Blended Blog buddies!  Oh and while we're at it, head on over there to get a glimpse of our new look!!

Today we are sharing what's in our kitchens and pantries!  After taking photos for this post, I realized this was very brave and maybe very stupid! (And come to think of it, I think this prompt was my idea!) My pantry is very empty at the moment and I don't have the biggest kitchen to be showing off!!

But it's always fun to show off little pieces of myself, so here goes!  Actually, if you've been following the blog for any amount of time, you've probably seen my little kitchen.  Living in a condo, my kitchen is fairly small but it has lots of cabinets and counter space, which is great!  It's inevitable that when anyone visits, the kitchen's where we gather.  Since I last blogged the kitchen, I've added some things and upgraded some things.

Here's a peek into my kitchen!

Small but cozy!!

I'd have to say the kitchen is very me!  It's filled with wine, beer, and coffee touches.  My wine rugs are new.  I used to have one rug...I like it with the two.  Now that I'm cooking more, I wanted a rug in front of the stove.  And in all honesty, it's just easier to vacuum the rugs!

My favorite accent in the kitchen is my cork cages above the cabinets.  So often, that is such wasted space.  I like that they're something I can collect and there are so many different ones.  I also like filling them up!!  

Some more favorites in my kitchen!

Love my Keurig (can't live without it) and coffee print!!

My cork cage is growing, but so I my growler collection!!  
And if you don't have an electric wine opener...I would highly recommend it!  

This newest addition to my kitchen, I'm not sure I'm going to keep here...but I love it!  I gave this sign to my sister as a new home gift a few years ago.  My Brother-in-law had seen this saying somewhere and shared it with the whole family, and it's sort've become a mantra for us all.  I gave it to Erin, Meghan got herself one and it's just something we refer to over and over, so Tara and I thought we needed one too!  So now we all have it!!
Life is short...live well!!

It fits in here for now, but I'm thinking I want to hang it somewhere!

On to the pantry...

This door is directly across form my sink!  And in all honesty, the pantry's the only place I keep food.  It's big enough for one person's food and the small amount of storage I keep in there.  

I apologize for it being so bare.  I eat out a lot!  And when I don't you probably guessed, I live on pasta and cereal!  NAd that's not my garbage pail in there!  It's my glass recycles, that clearly, I need to take out!!  I would have to say the the pantry is an organized mess!!
Oh and I guess I should explain about that ribbon...it's what my Christmas cards go on!  Instead of taking it down this year, I just flipped it to the inside!

Oh and I do have a kitchen table!  It's just not in the kitchen...it's next to it!!

Now that you've gotten a look into my kitchen, hop on over to Leslie and Sheila's blogs to get a look at theirs!  I know one things for sure...their kitchen's are probably bigger!  HA!  

Hope you enjoyed this look into my kitchen...now it's your turn!  Link up with us and show us what's inside your kitchen!!!  Have a great day!

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  1. What a cute kitchen! Love the rugs and that saying! Sort of our mantra over here too! You're gonna love my October series! I'm gonna share lots of pasta recipes! Maybe you'll cook at home more!

  2. What a cozy kitchen! The one thing I wish I had in my kitchen was a pantry. Maybe that is why we eat out so much.

    Daily Style Finds

  3. So YOU! I love the new additions. The wine rugs are adorable. Everything is so neat and clean and pretty. I remember you talking about getting a cork cage. I have been saving corks until I find the perfect cage. Where did you find yours? That mantra is so wise. I need to commit it to memory. Thanks for showing us around.

  4. I love your kitchen. I definitely need an electrical wine opener. I love your cork cages, too. The restaurant where my husband proposed to me had a cork wreath that I loved. I saved my corks for awhile (ok...it didn't take too long) and finally made a cork wreath for our kitchen. I love it!

  5. Love the peek into your kitchen! Electric wine opener..I need one!

  6. I just love your cabinets and that sign is so perfect. I think I need one too! :)


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