Monday, April 3, 2017

March in Numbers

Kicking today of with a number...2!
It's the number of posts I'm busting out today!

The first Monday of the month is always a number post with Deena and the second is an April Showers post, with my girls at The Blended Blog!  I just couldn't pass up posting with them, so two posts is what you get today!

More numbers fun!

March is one of my favorite months of the year!  The High Holy Day that is St. Patrick's Day is in March but as I've gotten older I've realized something...that, well....I'm old. St. Patrick's Day to me is not what it used to be.  Which was indeed a big old party.  This year it was more of a low key event. And when I say low key, what I really mean is...a solitary event!  Ha!  I was home eating Ruben panninis, drinking Guinness, (2 to be exact!) and listening to Irish texting with the people I used to do St. Patty's day with in our younger years!  20-something texts exchanged.

I celebrated St. Patrick's Day twice...thanks to my town parade and celebration on the 19th.

This March was not only the longest month but also the coldest. 18 days of below average temperatures. Lots of rain and snow to deal with too!  We had one day of early release in school due to snow and one snow day...that ended up being more of a snow, slush, sleet, rain event.

Thankfully those days are now behind us.  Spring finally seems to be in the air!

Some other fun random numbers this month....

4 Dress Down Days at school (my fave)!  In one month that is HUGE!!  But there was Pi Day, St. Patty's Day, a Professional day and a field trip!  So I was happy, happy happy! And I got to rock my kelly green Adidas kicks!

3 New movies seen
-the New Beauty and the Beast in the theater...LOVED and have plans to go see it again next week.
-Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (my snow day viewing!)...meh!
-Pete's Dragon (the new live action version) I really liked this and probably cried way more then any adult should have watching this.  But the original, Puff the Magic Dragon, was one of my absolute favorites growing up so I really wanted to see this.

54 cups of coffee consumed

24 bottles of wine PURCHASED...not consumed!  Gotta love a good sale!!

2 Peapod orders It was a lot for one month, but with St. Patrick's Day and 1 Game Night hosted, I needed to be well stocked!  Game night was so much fun!  Can't wait to do it again.

In such a long month, only 4 nights eating out is really good for me!!  So I saved some money there!

I did shop though....11 days of packages at my door. Or as I like to call them....PRIZES!!

5 books started...2 Completed!  Read my reviews here!

That's about it...on to the blog!

Mishaps and Mayhem in March...

17 posts in the month of March!  The most posts so far this year!
Most viewed post: Little Letters (my first ever post to this link up, so that's exciting!)
Most viewed post on FB: Monday Musings
New likes on the Facebook page...YAY!  you can "like" the blog too, HERE!
Number of pics posted on Insta: 43  I missed some #katiedaily's!  Follow me @solitarylife101

Hope you had a fabulous March!  Link up with Deena for Number every first Monday of the month!!

Now that I've gotten through with 2 posts for the day, I am off to watch the Final Four...because I am currently #1 in my bracket with The Blended Blog, after being #2 the whole time!  WOO HOO!!  But goodness gracious does it start LATE!!


  1. Thanks for linking up...holy posting machine!

  2. Oh my gosh...I LOVE that..11 days of PRIZES! Pete's Dragon was one of my faves too growing up and believe it or not I still have the album soundtrack..that's right the ALBUM. haha


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