Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday...It's OK

Linking up for another edition of Hey, It's OK with Airing My Laundry! !  Because... it's just fun!!

It's OK...

  • to take blog breaks...even after a sort of reboot! 
  • to head to bed at 7 p.m.
  • to make the wrong choice sometimes...and blame the margaritas!
  • to get tipsy on a Tuesday!
  • smile and laugh at the most inappropriate times

    • to still have not finished the book club selection...even though the meeting is on Friday night!
    • to spend Saturday night with an 89 year old...who had more energy than all the ladies he was with ! HA!
    • to still be wishing you went to Vegas with your TBB friends but counting down the days till Toronto 2017.
    • to dance and drink with parents at a school function!
    • to be counting down to summer vacation!  33 days to go!!
    • to take lots of sick days in May
    • to already have a kick ass TAN!  Woo hoo...Spring has Sprung!!

    Have a great Tuesday!


    1. Love this list! I can relate to so many! 23 days left here!

    2. ONLY 33 MORE DAYS TIL SUMMER? Sorry- I had a whole bunch of other things I wanted to say but now that'S all I can concentrate on.

      1. LOL...33 more school days!! I didn't count the weekend!! Our last day is June 21st...

    3. Yes to kick ass tan!!! Me too but I need to update it today or tomorrow #splotchygirl xoxoxox

    4. We have 34 more school days! And I plan to use a few sick days in May :)

    5. Three cheers for going to bed at 7pm. I'm ALL about that. Haha. Also jealous of the tan.

      1. P.S. Stopping in from the link-up.

    6. Haha, I've gone to bed early before too.

      Blog breaks sometimes help!

      We're almost done with school too. Since we're moving, my kids get out 10 days early.

    7. I wish you had gone too! And it's totally okay to be dreaming of Toronto, heck I'm excited for Chicago!!!!!! Love you girl!

    8. Can't believe there are only 33 days left of school until you summer vacation. That is super exciting!



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