Friday, April 8, 2016

Finally Friday!

Three cheers for the weekend!!  Is it just me or did this week feel long?  For me is was the first week back from Spring Break!  I'm glad to be back to my routine and was happy to see my students and teacher friends, but man, I miss just being off!  And the kids were kinda crazy this week!'s going to be a long last three months!  But anyway!  Let's get to all the Friday Fabulousness!!  And there's lots of it...

First and foremost, the blog's new look?!?  It's totally my favorite!!  After thinking about it and knowing I needed an update for a while, I finally took the plunge!  And I'm so glad I did because I LOVE it!  I got it on Etsy through Sarah @ Social and Chic.  She was awesome to work with!  So helpful! She answered all my million and one questions and even did the whole install!! It was super quick and affordable, too!  Sarah has lots of great options to chose from!  Definitely check out her shoppe and blog!  I kinda feel like the blog's brand new now!  And thanks to everyone who's sent a comment or a kind word to me about the new design these last few days!  I've been smiling so big!!

Sweet Emily  My second favorite this week is Emily from Simply a Rough Draft! Love her and her blog!!  She and I have been following one another for a while now!  She just left the sweetest blog comment on my Gratitude post on Monday!!  She's been going back and reading my very first blog posts!  How cool is that!?!  Nobody read those first posts...except maybe my mom!!  LOL  Emily made my day, week, forever actually!!  THANK YOU EMILY!! Definitely go check out Emily's awesome blog!

A Spring Refresh  After being mostly Shop Free for the months of January, February and March and donating about $2500 worth of clothes during that time, I decided once April hit, I'd treat myself a bit!  I know I've said that I don't need another thing..and I really don't... but sometimes, you just need a little refresh!  I am off to Florida in May, so I bought a few things this week to bring along with me!!  A new bathing suit, cover up (I donated 4 from previous years!) and two outfits to bring on the trip!  All on super sale! So I'd say it was a win-win!

A conversation with Dad!  One of my favorites this week was a phone call with my dad!  Simply because we never really talk while he's in Florida!  But I gave him a call Tuesday.  My mom was on her way back here, and I called dad to see if he was on the couch, eating pretzels and watching Netflix like he told me he was going to do while my mom was away!  HA!  You see, my parents have retired to Florida, but my mom has not toned down her social butterfly status at all.  She still keeps them both as busy as ever!  Someone's always coming to visit for a week, their playing games with friends, dancing in "The Square" or going to social events in the neighborhood every night.  So while my mom is back home here, my dad couldn't wait for a week of downtime and doing his own thing!!  We talked about my broken iPod, plans for him to paint my bedroom this summer, our beloved Red Sox and his weather...86 and sunny!!  That's when I promptly hung up on him.  Just Kidding!! It's was great to talk to my dad... I should do it more often!!
Dad and I 

A free week of Hello Fresh!  THANKS MOM!! I haven't made anything yet, because I just got the meals last night, but there's a risotto on my list!!  Woo Hoo,,,making it tonight!!  Will report back!   Check out some of the Hello Fresh meals, I've made {here} and give it a try for yourself {here}. was a great week!!  But bring on the weekend!!  Hope everyone has a fun one!! Thanks for always reading my ramblings!

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  1. Love the new blog design!
    Happy weekend to you

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet words. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog months ago! Speaking of blog, yours looks great! Love the new look! Can't wait to see your new purchases for your Florida trip. I am needing some new summer duds, but I'm so pasty white right now I can't even bear to try on shorts. Have a great weekend. Enjoy your risotto!

  3. Your dad is so handsome! It sounds like he and your mom have a lot of fun in Florida. Really loving the new blog design, btw. I've been meaning to tell you all week!


  4. I love the new look of the blog! Such a pretty header!

  5. Late to reading but yay! For getting a new blog design and having a great convo with your dad!

  6. Thanks for the info on your blog designer. Love the clean look. Cherish those talks with your dad. Wish I had listened harder and longer to my dad. Gorgeous pic of the two of you.


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