Monday, April 18, 2016


You can complain because roses have thorns or
you can be grateful because thorn bushes have roses.


I came across this quote on my Daily Wonder app this morning and it inspired me to link up with my bloggy buddy Shaunacey, and write  another gratitude post!  It was a relaxing and fun weekend and one that I am grateful for. I should also mention that I'm so happy that I get to pick the daily quotes that are read over the loudspeaker each day!  Such  a fun way to start the day!

If I couldn't be in Vegas partying it up with The Bended Blog ladies, at least there was good weather here at home!!  It was in the 60's this weekend!!  Woo hoo!  I got a lot of sun this weekend!  Like A LOT...and I've been complaining about it because, it's red and hurting and itchy.  But before I got this sun, all I was complaining about was how ugly and white I was!!  lol   So now I'm not complaining.  I'm just thinking that this pain will pass and soaking in all the compliments I got today about my tan!!  Because everyone looks better with a tan!  And now I have a base for my Florida trip in May. And am grateful now that I won't be spending a good part of the trip too sunburned to enjoy it.   And I'll be bringing lots of sunscreen! 

A Weekend full of laughs, people watching, and fro yo, YO!
Friday night I went out for drinks with  two of my teacher friends (really they're just friend, friends!) We were celebrating that the state tests were over and done with!  (I just go for the drinks!  HA!  Actually I was celebrating that I don't have to house anymore opt-out outs in the library and get my preps back!!  Woo Hoo!!) It was a night of Peach Bellins, gossip chit-chat, and laughs! I'm so grateful for these girls!

Saturday night I had no plans but texted a friend from town and asked her if she wanted to hang! She was actually going to dinner with her dad and other friends and asked me to come along so I did.  I've known them both  basically my whole life...actually they've known me my whole life...they are more like family! We went to a really nice place for dinner and stayed into the night to listen to the band play.  Us girls also did a lot of people of my most favorite pastimes!  When the sun goes down and a band is playing, the crazies come out!!  And while my friend's dad, who's in his 80's was on the dance floor dancing circles around the people half his age, the  girls might've been at the bar...yawning! LOL I'm thankful for spur-of-the-moment nights!!

Not having any plans on Sunday either, I texted my sister to see if she could get away and do lunch with me!  She said she'd let me know.  I told her if she wanted to bring the whole fam, I was ok with that too!  A few Sundays back we all had dinner together, walked around in town for a while and it was lots of fun!  I am sure she was hoping it'd be just the two of us though!  She doesn't often get the chance for much alone time!  Sunday morning texts went back and forth as to who was coming, who wasn't, etc.  The last text said it's just be her and I.  With that, I decided we'd go someplace different for a nice lunch outside.  However, that didn't end up being the final text!  She texted before she left that both my nieces were coming along and that the day was planned for us!!  We'd be going to Meetball for big pretzels and fro-yo for dessert!  Well ok then girls!!  So that what we did!!  And it was a great time!! Meg and I wouldn't have gotten Fro-yo for dessert (we would've gotten Ralph's! LOL)  and it was so yummy!!  I'm so glad the girls wanted to come spend part of their Sunday with me!  But in all actuality, they just came to be in the daily photo! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Look girls!  Now you made the blog too!

After lunch I sat out a little more, not to get any color, but just to enjoy the warmth! And actually was in bed at 7! Laundry and lessons might have taken a backseat, but I was up at 10 to 5, so there was nothing more I wanted to do that day! I probably got to sleep a little after 8.  So I got a good night sleep, something I have't been able to do in awhile, so that certainly something to be grateful for!

Here's to hoping this weather sticks around!  I'm just a happier person when the sun is shining and the weather is warm!!

Hope you've had a marvelous Monday!!

Come on back to the blog Wednesday for Style Perspectives!  The Ladies of The Blended Blog and I are styling a graphic tee!!  Show us your graphic tees!!


  1. I really wish you were in Vegas! I can't wait to meet you someday

  2. Sounds like a fun filled weekend-and the nice weather certainly helped put us all in a good mood.

  3. Such a nice impromptu kind of weekend. The best kind. I would think that reading a quote each more to the students at your school would be a fabulous task. So many wise words to choose from. I am sure you are very motivating and inspirational.

  4. Jealous of your sleep. We had great weather here too -so nice right??

  5. Always thankful for warm, sunny weather and getting to bed early. Time with your friends and family made it the perfect weekend!



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