Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fun Summer Tops on Repeat

These last weeks of school have been a killer and the blog's taken a bit of a hit. But I promised more fashion posts this summer, so I'm so today I'm  finally getting back to linking up with my girls at The Blended Blog and share some of my favorite tops that will be on repeat this summer!

I thought this top was appropriate for the first day of summer!  This was one of my Canadian clothing store purchases in Toronto with The Blended Blog ladies.  I picked up a few fun things at stores we don't have here in the states!  Reitmens was a super fun store, that I'm pretty sure we all found something in.  Wore this top for Memorial Day and wore it again to kick off summer!  Because I was wishing  I was on a beach, on a boat...anywhere but still in school.

When I saw this pineapple top at Macy's I had to have it.  I knew it would go well with my go-to shorts and was just plain fun.  It reminded me of my girl Andrea too!  I wore it for Father's Day with family this past weekend and know I'll being wearing it lots all summer long!  The back is super cute too!

Dad's making a cameo!

I thought this Gray Monroe top was so fun and different...and I LOVE it.  When I wore it not too long ago, I got a ton of compliments.  And even  though I wore it with jeans, it's another one I can rock with my go-to' orange or blue, as we get deeper into the heat of summer!

A few more fun summer tops are on their way to me, so I'll post them soon!  But today my outfit of choice is my swimsuit!  Off to a day at my friend's pool!    Have a fashionable Wednesday!

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  1. You're one Beautiful babe! I really like that lace up one!! You find the best tops!! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Such cute tops. LOVE the pineapple one! You have an amazing summer glow - beautiful!

  3. Yep, these tops are absolutely perfect for summer! I so wish I could raid your closet! I wore my top with the fruit print that I got on our Canadian excursion earlier this week. Great minds think alike!

  4. I love all your tops! SO cute for summer! I, too, am a blogger by night and teacher by day! What grade/subject do you teach? I'm so glad I found your blog!

  5. You and Sarah are rocking the tops from Reitman's. Why did I not go to this store?!

  6. Hey I wore that shirt for Wednesday's post too! really is a good store.

  7. OH and that pineapple top, I NEED it!

  8. Girl...that Gray Monroe look hot!!!


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