Thursday, June 29, 2017

TBB Book Pals: A Review

We Need to Talk About!  After this book...I am tired!! So much to say about it!  But I can't because I don't want to give too much away.  That's why I'm grappling with this review!  This book was picked for me by my Book Pal Merilee!  We were matched during The Blended Blog's June Switch-up, Book Pals.  Merilee had just read it and thought it was good.  It was a different choice for me and I was excited to start it.

The book deals with something that is all too common in this country...a school shooting!  But that's really just the backdrop.  While all too realistic, this is a faction novel.  The story is told by Eva, a mother who's son, the reader realizes very quickly, is the school's killer.  (Sadly, reading this book, I also got an education and history lesson about just how many school tragedies have occurred!)

The story is told backwards through letters Eva writes to her "estranged" husband, detailing their marriage before children, during children, and in the aftermath of the school it relates to her life  There is a serious twist in the story that I DID NOT SEE COMING...and might have just crushed me a little.  I'd say that this is not an easy read, but it's worth it.  After reading it, I kinda wanna go back and read it again to see, if their were clues to that twist.

We Need to Talk about Kevin was first published in 2006 and has since been turned into a Motion Picture.  I am not sure I'll watch...well maybe instead of reading it again, I will watch the movie instead.

This is not the easiest of reads but I definitely would recommend it!!  If you've read this book I'd love to hear what you thought of it in the comments!  Now head on over to The Blended Blog and link up your book reviews with us...and find something to read this summer via our book pals here!


  1. I am going to add this to my Good Reads app! Do you have that app? It's really cool-- you can make a list of "want to read" and "have read" with ratings, and you can be friends with people on it to get their opinions, too. Have you ever read Columbine? It's nonfiction, detailing everything about the Columbine shooters, the shooting and what the media got wrong. It was so good and again, a hard read, but I feel like every educator should read it. Also, it's on our sophomore's reading list for summer reading, and I really hyped it up to get them to choose it. It's so important that kids are aware and see the signs. Thanks for the review!

  2. oh wow, that seems like it would be a good/educational read.

  3. Great review! I've heard of this book before but didn't know much about it. It sounds interesting but perhaps a bit difficult.

  4. This movie is difficult to watch, but a true portrayal of how mental illness can affect someone from birth. From the moment Kevin is born, he's "different." It's sad and heart goes out to those with mentally ill kids. The school shooting was devastating.

  5. It's nice to read s book from time to time that isn't easy but really makes you think. Sometimes those are so,e of my favorite books!

  6. This is the first I've heard of the book. Sounds interesting enough to read.

  7. I've seen recommends for this book here and there- I will have to pick it up!

  8. WOW. Powerful stuff. Hadn't heard of it. Adding to Goodreads.


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