Thursday, July 6, 2017

Throwback Thursday!

It's been forever since I've shared a Throwback Thursday post on the blog.  But yesterday, as I was scoping out old posts for an upcoming post, I found I few fun ones that I had totally forgotten about!!  Earlier this week I posted for The Blended Blog asks... and realized that in my first years of blogging I had done much the same thing, after seeing a post on Instagram!  I thought it'd be fun to share that again on this Throwback Thursday!

20 Random Facts about Me!

So I saw this floating around Instagram among fellow Insta-teachers!  You had to be tagged to do it, but since I'm not really in that network, I thought it would just be a fun thing to do on the blog.  It'll maybe help my readers (all 12 of you...who probably already know me!) get to know me better!

So here goes:

20 Random Facts About Me!

1.  I snooze no less than 10 times in the mornings...and I have three alarms!
2.  Not a day goes by that I don't laugh (mostly at myself!)
3.  I talk to a lot!
4.  I don't really like it loud, but I'm a loud person! (If that makes any sense at all!)
5. I'm not a fan of Mondays.
6.  I like that I kinda coined the term "friends" at my school and now others call the students "friends" as well!
7.  My daily staples are coffee and some sort of alcoholic beverage!  And I'm not ashamed to admit that!
8.  I'm a total summer girl.
9.  I love Country Music!  Kenny Chesney is my fave!
10. YES, I'm a Red Sox Fan.
11.  If I could, I'd go teach Mexicans in Cozumel.
12. I wish I traveled more.
13. I will admit it...I shop too much!
14.  SUSHI is my fave...and I credit one person for that! (Even if they'll never know!)
15.  I LOVE kids...I just don't think any of my own are in the cards for me!  And I am totally ok with that.  And if that keeps me single for the rest of my life, I'm ok with that too!  Actually the way things have been going lately, I am completely ok with that! HA!
16.  I shower at night.  I love getting into bed clean...and I HATE changing the sheets!
17.  I don't drive.  I know this is awful, but I don't!
18.  I think the Oster Automatic Wine Opener and the Kuerig are two of the greatest things ever invented!
19.  I should clean the house more!
20.  I spend more time with my family then is probably considered normal!  But hey... when there's 20 of us, there's always something to celebrate!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me!


This post was originally published on March 24, 2014...three years!!  Wow...and still all true!!


  1. I love that you laugh at yourself, Katie!! I know when I was younger I was way too serious!! But it's so much better and less stressful to be able to laugh at our silliness and mistakes!!

  2. lol- I call the kids at school my adolescent friends.


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