Monday, July 3, 2017

20 Questions with the Ladies of The Blended Blog

Super excited to be hoppin’ along with the ladies of The Blended Blog for a little “get to know you”/ behind the blogger activity!  It’s everything you’ve wanted to know (and maybe something’s you didn’t!) about me!!  If you’ve hopped on by from Whitney’s blog,thanks for being here!!

The Blended Blog Asks...

1- Favorite animal:  Definitely horses! When I was younger, I did horse therapy and I fell in love with my horse Shane.  Since then, it kinda stuck.  I watch the horse movies, am a big fan of the horse races and just enjoy looking at them!   Other than that, I am not much of an animal person at all.

2- Wine or Beer?  Honestly...I don’t pass up either!  I drink more wine than beer on the daily, but nothing beats an ice cold beer on a hot summer day!!

3- Socks on/off while sleeping?  Definitely OFF

4- One piece or two piece swimsuit?  Most often it’s a two piece...less tan lines, but I have a few one pieces that I love too!

5- Cooking at home or eating out?  I’m definitely more of an eat-outer!  I cook but I don’t particularly like it!  And I live in a town where a new restaurant pops up every it works!

6- Coke or Pepsi?  Definitely Pepsi...but I very rarely drink soda these days, and if I do,it’s usually Sprite!

7- Regular or electric Toothbrush?  Regular

8- Candy or Chocolate? Give me ALL the chocolate!  But around Easter Time, the candy in my basket is Sweet Tarts.

9- Coffee or Tea?  COFFEE for sure…

10- Music or Talk Radio?  Music Definitely!

11- Chick Flick/Action/Docs- Chick Flicks...I’m a  cryer!

12- Regular or Mechanical Pencil? Mechanical pencil...I like thin letters!

13- Swimming or Laying Out?  Laying out….I don’t have a pool myself, so I lay out more.

14- Dog or Cat?  Neither

15- What do you drive?  I don’t drive actually!

16- Early Bird or Night Owl?  Definitely a night owl.  I am so not a morning person...I joke that I’m not really ever awake til 10 a.m.

17- One food for the rest of my life….This is a hard one!! At one point I probably would’ve said Peanut Butter, but I think I’m over it!!  Now it’s probably sushi!!!

18- While Sleeping: Where’s your phone?:  Definitely by my side while sleeping because it doubles as my alarm!!  

19- Singing in the Shower? Sure!  WHY NOT?

20- Oreos?  Gotta dunk ‘em!!

How much fun was that??  Head on over to Shelly’s blog to get to know the newest member of our squad better!!  And join in on the fun!!  Answer these questions and link up with us here!


  1. Pepsi?! What the heck?! Lol I think you're surrounded by coke drinkers here
    You mad a cold beer sound so good... I have have to pick myself up an alcohol-free one and put it in the freezer

  2. I love horses too - they're my favorite! Ha- I don't think I'm really awake until about 9am either!

  3. At least someone else like Pepsi, even if you don't really drink it!

  4. I'm with you on not being a morning person! And I love sushi!

  5. I'm definitely a night owl too. I think it's from several years of working the night shift. That sushi looks delish.

  6. Love your Teacher Off Duty glass!! So cute!

  7. I always love reading these types of posts! :) That coffee mug is so cute! And yum! Give me all the sushi. ;)


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