Thursday, July 27, 2017

Surprise! It's Christmas in July

It's always so much fun when the ladies of The Blended Blog do gift exchanges!!  This summer Whitney spearheaded our Christmas in July exchange.  We always use Elfster for our picks and it's a lot of fun anticipating who I'll get each time.  Today we're sharing the gifts we received from our Secret Santa!  I was super excited when I received my gift from Sheila who blogs over at Making the Most of Everyday!  She's one of the few TBB ladies I have yet to meet in person, but with her gift, it's clear she knows me regardless!!

Sheila sent my a fun summer cover-up, fabulous sun hat and some sunscreen so I stay safe.  I laughed when I opened the package because just a few days before I commented on how much I always loved seeing Sheila in her sun hat, and wished I had one too!! Now I do!  Sheila said she was waiting on pins and needles for me to get my package because she had already sent me the hat before I commented in her blog!

There's even a hood and POCKETS!!  Love it!!  

I've worn this cover up at least a half dozen times already!  

Thanks so much Sheila for helping me do this summer thing...and doing it fashionably at that!!  

Head on over to Shaunacey's blog now to see what I sent her!  Fingers Crossed she liked it!!


  1. Oh Katie, it is perfect!! You look adorable!!

  2. What a fun gift! I love the cover-up and the hat and they look adorable on you!

  3. I think this is the cutest tradition you girls have! I commented on Andrea's and just said how you guys are blogger goals and total inspos to me!

  4. oh my gosh, I just love that she sent you all beach themed things! And that dress fits perfect! Love, it!

  5. This is total perfection for you...well done, Sheila!!!

  6. Yayyyy!!! I'm so glad the coverup fits! That hat looks SO good on you! Very glamorous! :)

  7. yup, this is the PERFECT gift for you!!! I'm so impressed with everyone's gift choices!!
    I know for a fact you nailed mine :) thanks again!! xo

  8. Love what Sheila sent you! Perfect for our summer girl - and so cute!

  9. awww What a sweet gift. I really love that hat on you!

  10. Great gifts. That Sheila's pretty special. I echo her sentiment about not being able to meet YOU in Toronto. Maybe someday, somewhere.

    Love the picture of you wearing the hat and cover-up. Very artsy! Glad you got some sun screen, too! I wish now that I hadn't slathered on the baby oil quite so enthusiastically when I was young. My face is one big sunspot!


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