Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New summer favorite!

This top's from Canada, Eh!

Love, love, love this white top!  It's on heavy repeat!  I bought it back in May on my trip to Toronto with the ladies of The Blended Blog.  When we shopped, I picked things up from stores we don't have here in the States.  This one's from R.W. and Co.  It's so super cute, and I get so many compliments every single  time I wear it!!

 Love the lace sleeves and even the back detailing is cute...wish I had a pic!

I paired it here with my orange go-to's from JCrew Factory {similar here}, but it looks great with any color really, prints, etc...I'd even do white on white!

Now that I'm looking at it, I realized why I paired it with orange...maybe to match the glasses?!?  I've have been reaching for the color orange so much this I think I know why!!  LOL

What are you wearing that you just love this week?  Let me know in the comments below!  And link up your style posts with us over at The Blended Blog!


  1. Super cute lace top! I love my JCrew shorts too!

  2. That top is super cute! I think I would have copied you on this one had we been shopping together! :) Perfect summer top!

  3. this just makes me miss you...all that Toronto talk. Lovely shirt!

  4. I love the lace detail on that top!

  5. This is super cute together!! I love it!

  6. it looks AMAZING on you!! So glad you bought it!!! I wish I had of bought it (even though I won't fit into it until next summer) lol

  7. How cute is this outfit! You look so pretty!

  8. Aren't J Crew shorts the best?! Love the sweet detail on this top.


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