Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback the last day we had SNOW! UGH!

Another SNOW DAY!  It's a pretty sure bet we'll be in school in July when it's 90 degrees and sweltering! Snow days are really rough...what to do? What to do? Nothing much really, because with ten inches of snow on the ground...on top of the 10 we already had, I'm inside all day!  (Although I am pretty damn tempted to walk down to That Meetball Place that's ALWAYS open (and my new fave) for some lobster risotto balls!!  But I probably won't do that!  And you can't even really watch TV either, because it's all news, all the time.  There's snow on the ground, we get it!  No need to be on the air for hours on end!  Give the newscasters and reporters a break!  So I'm blogging, and then, because I am resisting the urge to SHOP online, plan to catch up on some reading.  Right now I am in the middle of Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella (IMO, not the best of hers) and have Me Before You on tap next. I've heard lots of great things about it!  I can't wait to have next week off and spend some of that time reading. I am writing this a huge chunk of ice or whatever just fell off the roof! YIKES...that was loud and scary!

Has anyone been watching the Olympics?  I am!  I will admit, I didn't think having the Games in Russia was such a good idea...with all the terrorist concerns, the poor living conditions for the athletes, the killing of stray dogs, and all the other sketchy issues surrounding Sochi.  But when I'm watching I kind of forget those things. Figure skating has always been my favorite, but this time around, I'm really into the snow sports!  I can't believe Shaun White missed a shot at Gold and am really amazed by the speed of the skiers in both moguls and jumping.  And of course, I love luge and bobsled!  Thank you Cool Runnings!  HA!  And I bet you didn't know, I met a real live Jamaican Bobsleder!!  Here he is...we donated to his trip to Vancouver (this was 2008)...or as Tracy put it, maybe just his next Red Stripe!   Hahahaahaha
My cousin Tracy and I in Jamaica, at the Cool Runnings- inspired restaurant!
I am also cheering on our neighbor to the North this Olympics!  I am really into the Canadians! I thought the pairs figure skaters were fabulous in their pre-medal round (The Russians won gold in the medal round) and I saw a story about Canadian skier, Alex Bilodeau and his brother, Frederic who has cerebral palsy (which my regular readers know, I do too...visable in my gait) on my NBC station's Olympic Zone Show and was touched by it.  This is not what I originally saw but it's an article about the brothers, if you want to read more!
Then I saw this, this morning on, under the Great Ideas Section!  Great Idea, indeed!
Canadian Olympics Beer Fridge
This beer fridge is in the Canadian Olympic Village!
Full Story Here
Truth be told I have always had a thing for Canada...great TV comes from there.  Like Flashpoint, Rookie Blue and the little known show, that I kinda loved, Being Erica (it was on SOAPnet).  :)

That's all for now!  If you're stuck inside on this snow day and looking for something to do, pick up a book too, or watch one of my favorite movies, Miracle!  Keeping with that Olympics Theme!!  Awesome, awesome movie about the 1980 Lake Placid Games.

Don't forget to stop back on the blog tomorrow for another 5 on Friday!

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