Friday, February 21, 2014

5 on Friday!

I was actually ahead of the game with my 5 on Friday last week, but as I was reading blog posts from the Link-up, I realized I missed the call to bloggers to include a  #TeamTeddy post.  So I want to include some love and prayers for Teddy this week!  After all, the more people who know Teddy's story and can send up prayers too, the better!  I am #TeamTeddy all the way! To learn more about this sweet boy, click here.  
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How cute is this!!!  My mom got it for me for my birthday and I totally love it!  I have a collection of cork cages lining the tops of my cabinets and was thrilled to get this one to add to my collection!

Another thing I received that I think is genius is the essie 2014 Spring Color Cube.  I once commented to my sister that I could never finish  a bottle of nail polish before it went bad, so she thought I could use these.  I had never seen something like this (though, apparently, they've been out for all seasons for awhile!).  The cube comes with 4 mini bottles in four different springy colors.  

The set includes these colors:
 Style hunter- a darker pink color
Romper Room- a soft, cotton candy-ish pink (I'll probably wear this one most often!)
Fashion Playground- a minty green (cuter on than I thought it would be!)
Hide and Go Chic- a brighter blue-aqua-y color (and the only one I am not 100% sure about)

I tried all of these out, but truth be told, only one on each finger! HA!!  It's still to cold and wintery for any of these yet!  So right now I'm wearing THIS COLOR to tide me over!

These colors really are good for both spring and summer!  But of course they'll have a summer cube! :)

Sunday my entire family (20 of us) went to see The Lion King on Broadway.  This was actually my second time seeing it.  I first saw it 16 years ago and I liked it better this time around.  I knew the story but I had forgotten that there were so many new songs in the stage show.  The one that's been stuck in my head all week is "He Lives in You". I'm loving it...and it's message!  Listen here

This week, while I've been off, I actually went BOWLING with my Aunt, cousin, and little nieces!  And I loved it!!!  I seriously have not been bowling in like 15 years because I am the WORST bowler known to man!!   It was the middle of the day but the bowling alley was dark, fun, and club-y. We bowled, we danced, and played Quick Draw...well my Aunt did, on numbers we told her to play!  I did not plan on being a fan of wearing the bowling shoes, but guess what....they were GLOW-IN-THE-DARK!!!  I was really mad I forgot my camera to document the day!  LOL
So if you are looking for something to do this weekend....go bowling!!


Make it a great weekend...whatever you do!


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