Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Currently carrying....

I thought it be fun to do a little What's in...."my bag" post!  I recently came across Rue La La's Handbag Style Guide online and found it so interesting!  It showed each type of bag we ladies carry these days and even had a timeline of popular bags.  As well as lots of swoon-worthy bags!

I  am not one to spend a crazy amount on my purses, just because I like to switch them up so often.  And the more expensive ones I do have are of the wristlet variety!  I'm really loving my new fall bag I got recently.  This cognac hobo from BP is the perfect carry-all for fall when I'm out an about on the weekends and shopping!

But today, I'm going to focus on my trusty work bag!  Now that I teach Library and Technology, I don't really need a dedicated "work bag" (YAY!)  but I wanted a bag that was big enough to transport any of the things I did bring home at night if need be!  According to Rue La La's Handbag Style Guide, my bag would be considered more of a satchel.  When I bought it, it came with a strap to make it a crossbody bag, but I never use it. When I have it stuffed to the gills, it's way too short to be a crossbody! I am an arm carrier anyway. I also liked this as my daily bag because it zips, which I need for walking to and from work (I live THAT close! HA!)

I get a new bag to use for work every year, but always end up going back to this one.  I bought this about two or three years ago at The Limited, and it's a fave.  I'll have it forever!

Here's a peek in my bag!

Everything is pretty big and easily accessible in the bag.  Sometimes I just throw my keys in and have to dig to the bottom to find them, but there are two side pockets that I usually put them in!

Inside I have my glasses cases, a small makeup case, a small brush, my planner (and yes, that's pretty much a student planner!!) and my old school iPod, iPad, and keys and work ID.

Most mornings before work, I'm also throwing in a water, yogurt, little bags of something for lunch, etc.  Just yesterday, it also housed a bottle of wine, my friend gave me! LOL!!  It all fits great in here! Folders fit snuggly  too!

My wallet is actually a clutch, and I kinda love that I use it as a wallet.  I got it as a gift a few years ago from my mom for my birthday.  I know some people love clutches, but I need something to hold my phone, so using this as a wallet worked best for me.  And if I run into a store for two minutes, I can just bring this and leave the rest!
Sorry I didn't photograph the inside!!

 I really liked scoping out Rue La La's Handbag Style Guide , which at the end featured a timeline of purses. It's so funny that these days, woman need the bigger bags because we now carry around lots more "stuff"!!  Which is pretty funny, because you'd think in such "techy" times, we'd have less!  Check it out too...it's an awesome resource!!

What purses and bags to you love??  Share them with me in the comments below!

Have a great day!  Happy Veterans Day to all who have and are currently serving in our military!

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  1. How fun and I love that bag! Perfect size. I'm in the market for a new purse but of course all the ones I like are WAY too expensive. Isn't that how it always is? Your purse is way organized! I keep saying I"m going to get organized, but in the end I always end up throwing everything in there.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Sarah!! Thanks, but my bag just looks organized because of the lots of big things in there. I find putting everything in little bags works well! HA! If you get a new purse anytime soon, I'd love to see it!!

  2. Katie, I love this idea!! Would love to see how large your bag or satchel is to hold all of that good stuff. I found an idea on Pinterest about using a little tote inside your official purse. The idea is that you keep all of your necessities in the tote and then you just transfer the tote from one purse to another when you are changing bags. A friend of mine is selling Miche bags and they operate on a similar idea. You can check them out here: http://kdweick.miche.com/


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