Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The FALL Challenge has come to an end!

The FALL Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On has come to an end!
Even though I always seem to lose steam toward the end of each challenge, (as far as the outfits are concerned) I always get a lil sad as the final days approach.  No emails to look forward to anymore, undoubtedly, the challenge group's page posts will begin to dwindle, and its back to figuring out what I'm gonna wear on my own!  During the last few days, I only styled three of the outfits!  The others you'll see in the near future!  I know I've said this before, but I really enjoyed this challenge and thought it was the easiest to style.  So these outfits will definitely continue to be in rotation!

Day 17 I kinda loved!!  So super easy!  
 boyfriend cardigan/solid tee/black leggings/leopard scarf/neutral flats

The styled outfit in the email had the leather leggings styled.  I didn't buy those, but I had these skinny moto pants, that I mentioned in my Pinspired post Monday!

Even though day 18 called for a puffer vest, I opted out!  I'm going to save it!  Maybe I'll wear it this weekend!

Day 19 was admittedly, not my fave!  Not because I didn't like the pieces, just because I didn't like the sweater paired with it! I had forgotten about this sweater.  I like it, but I guess it doesn't need anything under it!!  I feel like I look odd and large!  ugh!! 
neutral sweater/plaid button down/black skinnies/leopard flats

Day 20 could not have been any easier!
dressy sweatshirt/dark skinnies/ riding boots
When I was wearing this, I felt that I had already worn this outfit during the challenge!  Turns out I did wear a version of this, but it wasn't during the challenge!  It was the week before while I was wearing THE BOOT!!
Super similar...go me!! 
Another challenge in the books!!  I always have so much fun during the challenges!  I love the looks and enjoy interacting and linking up with fellow bloggers and challengers!  Please go take a look at how these beautiful ladies styled the looks during the last few days!!

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We've all had a such great time linking up together, we don't want the fun to end!! The Style Me Bloggers Link Up Series will begin this Friday!  We are linking up to share our closets and organizational tips!!  SO FUN!!  Please join us...come on back here Friday and link up!

You can find links to all available clothing I mentioned above {here}.  And see how I've styled all the looks during previous challenges {here}.

Have a great week...have FUN and LOOK FABULOUS!!
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  1. I adore that look of the dressy sweater against cognac. I may copy this.

  2. Love your looks - the dressy sweatshirt is really pretty on you!

  3. I love all of your looks, I especially like the colour of your boyfriend cardi - striking!

  4. lol THE BOOT!
    You look great and I'm so excited to be linking up every other Friday!!

  5. Love your dressy sweatshirt! I keep looking for one but no luck...

  6. I also really like the dressy sweatshirt outfit!


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