Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Weekend Away!

This weekend I escaped home and went to the sunshine!!  I visited my parents at their home in The Villages in Florida!! I was the only one in my family that hadn't been down to see my mom and dad's place and my sister was taking her girls down to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom, so I thought, it'd be the perfect time for me to go too!   I had a really great time.

I left work on Friday and scooted to the airport.  We are really so lucky to have an airport so close to home.  It's a small regional airport that never seems to be crowded so I was able to fly thru security.  I had plenty of time before boarding, so I headed to the bar for a drink.  I debated the Starbucks, and it would've been cheaper, but went with the beer!  I am not great at flying alone honestly, so I thought I needed something!  And went with the big one!  I posted my beer on Insta as "the most expensive beer ever", but when I got my final bill, realized she charged me for two!  Whew...so considering it 30 ounces...it wasn't that expensive at all!!  HA!!

When I boarded the flight, I was happy to find that it wasn't full, so even though I was the B boarding group, I went pretty much toward the back and had all three seats to myself.
The flight went pretty well.  We left early and arrived a full 30 minutes ahead of schedule...which is pretty crazy!  I had no baggage (I gave it to my parents when they headed down in the car last week) so I was out of the airport in five minutes, met up with my parents and we headed back to my Aunt's house.  When we arrived there, I was met by my nieces, sister (who had come down Wednesday night), my cousin Kim and her husband Brian, and my Aunt Laurie-my mom's sister, who lives in The Villages full time.  Mom, dad and I ate dinner, while we all chatted, watched the Rangers Playoff Game, and played Name that Tune (with my dad's 4000 songs!).  It was a late night and my aunt had to get up early for work the next day, so we headed to my parents house.  They live a few miles away, in a different community.

My mom and dad's house is really cute and my dad, who had been down there a few times for extended periods of time, while my mom was still working, has down a TON of work!  And it looks great!!

Saturday we headed to the pool!  It was a beautiful day!  We didn't stay long at the pool, and I was sooooo mad because I put on 55 SPF and got nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!  In fact I think I was whiter than before!!  LOL.  But the two hours were really enough for me.  I guess, for it being my first time out in this type of heat this season, I was a little dizzy.  But we came back ate a good lunch and got ready to go to The Square and dinner.

In The Square, they have live music nightly.  And people just dance, or sit and watch others dance!  My nieces loved this!!  It also has lots of shopping and restaurants.  
The family that dresses alike!  Totally unplanned...obviously!!

We ate at a place called The Lighthouse.  it was on the water, but being so many, when we put our names in, we said we'll take either in or out.  We got a table inside but by the window.  Dinner was very yummy!  I had the crab cakes!  But I think I enjoyed the apps we all shared better!  It was a lot of fun and laughs!!  
After dinner, we said our goodbyes to my cousin and her husband who were leaving the next day, and headed home to my parents.

Sunday for Mother's Day my nieces wanted to make breakfast for my sister and mom (and me too, because they didn't want me to feel left out!)  So my dad and I helped them make waffles and omelettes.  It was really a great breakfast.  After that us girls headed to Spanish Springs, another "Square", to find some souvenirs!  Being Sunday morning and all, not much was open but we did go to the Tervis store, and the Logo store.  So I got a few tervis glasses and two wine glasses from the Logo store.  Should've thought to take pics, but I left them for my parents to bring home.  After that, we had no plans but to spend the entire rest of the day at the pool! It was a spectacular day!  Not a cloud in the sky and hardly any humidity.  I got color!  Woo Hoo!!  
Golf cart selfie!

We spent a couple hours at the pool, headed back to the house for Happy Hour with my aunt, who came to say goodbye to us, then headed back to the pool to watch the sunset!  The girls loved this.  We were the only ones at the pool and it was so warm!  Awesome sunset!!

A few pics from Sunset....

This one I posted on Insta too!!  It just looked so cool!  I'm thinking of having it put on canvas to hang in my house!!

We got back from the pool around 8:30, had a late dinner and watched the end of the Ranger Game!! A win...and a game 7 is on Wednesday!!  (Woo hoo...but also eeekkkkk!!)    It was another late night.

Monday Morning we got ourselves together and headed the airport...our weekend was over! Booooo!!!!!!!
We had time for a quick lunch down by our gate.  While I waited for the bill, my sister and the girls headed to the bathroom.  We thought we had plenty of time before our boarding group, but all of a sudden we heard them call our names!!  HAHAHAHA!!  It was pretty funny, because it was five minutes after they started boarding.  I guess everyone was already there and eager to get home so they boarded in a flash.  Why would anyone be so eager to get home??  The flight wasn't as great as my one going down...super cray landing!!  And I sat next to a girl with a bad cold...chances are, later this week, I'll have the same cold!!  UGH!!

But I'm home now and actually took off today to recoup and get my act together!  Because tomorrow it back to reality...BLAH!!

Have a great week!!  Not sure what posts I'll be getting up between now and Friday, but definitely come back Friday to hear all about my summer plans when I link up once again with The Style Me Bloggers!

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  1. Yay for visiting family! So funny that all of your outfits coordinated. And YES you should get that picture on canvas, so pretty!

  2. A weekend in Florida sounds amazing!!! I love how your family wore coordinating colors of coral. Whether it was planned or not it's pretty awesome. Thanks for linking up!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. It looks like you had a great time. Those were beautiful pictures!

    Have a great week!

  4. What a fun trip! So glad you got to visit your mom on Mother's Day!

    1. Thanks so much Lana! Hope you had a great Mother's Day as well!!

  5. What a great time in FL! Yay so glad you got some sunshine state time. It looks like it was very fun. :) xo Amanda

  6. You really do need to put that stunning sunset photo on canvas. It will be like having a little bit of Florida there with you all the time. Are you guys finally having spring weather in NY? So nice to "meet" your family and to see your mom enjoying her first days of retirement. When you say Ranger game, is that the Texas Rangers? If so, atta girl!

  7. You really do need to put that stunning sunset photo on canvas. It will be like having a little bit of Florida there with you all the time. Are you guys finally having spring weather in NY? So nice to "meet" your family and to see your mom enjoying her first days of retirement. When you say Ranger game, is that the Texas Rangers? If so, atta girl!


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