Friday, May 1, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers Take 2!

*Disclaimer-This was not my original post!  I lost that one somewhere in the blogesphere!!  :(  But this is pretty close!!

The Style Me Bloggers are back for another round of fun posts, sans challenge!!  This time were talking rain gear and floral trends.  Luckily spring has FINALLY sprung here in my neck of the woods. It's still chilly in the mornings and at night but the sun warms things up quite nicely during the day!

And as for rain, I never used to like it, but any day I can wear my Hunter Wellies is a good day!!  I just love my wellies!  And I actually got another pair of rain boots at Target because I just loved the red (and couldn't really justify another pair of hunters for the price!).  And I had a Target gift card!  HA!!  My wellies are basically the extent of my rain gear!  Those and any umbrella I can grab!  :)

Here's some pics of me rockin' my Wellies:

Check out more looks here!

I can't even believe it's May already!! Crazy!!  I love the hope that May brings!!  The hope of summer!!  It's that much closer, that much warmer, and that much more colorful as all the flowers start to bloom.  I love flowers, but I don't have anything close to a green thumb!!  I know every living thing will eventually die, but with flowers in my care, their death comes way sooner!  So these days, it's just easier to wear my flowers.  Floral is big this Spring!  And I tried the trend with this dress.  I posted it on the blog on Wednesday and mentioned that I thought it looked like a tablecloth but I got lots of nice comments on it, so I'm thinking of giving it another chance!

I really love this flower tunic too, that I got last Spring from Piper Street!  I'll be wearing it often this Spring too!

Go check out the posts of my favorite Blogger Friends!!  So exciting to be linking up again!!  

Have a great weekend!!


  1. So sorry to hear that you lost your original post! :( This one is fabulous though ;) Loving your boots and that floral tunic is beautiful!! Have a happy start to May!! xo

  2. I lost a post the other day too... so frustrating!!
    LOVE the purple boots! My hunters are a fav of mine too!
    That floral tunic is lovely!

  3. Have never heard of Hunters or Wellies before our link-up. Begs the question, WHERE HAVE I BEEN? El Paso! Love the way you styled them. And there is nothing table cloth about your floral dress. Nope. Nada.

  4. oh man, when I saw this pop up, I was like yay she found it! Then you said you didn't, boo! and I can't believe Leslie has never heard of Wellies before, have you been under a rock?! hehe...The purple boots are super cute...I love wellies, but I just don't need them, and that just makes me sad.

  5. I hate when the interweb steals my work. ANd also, I remember LOVING that floral dress last year when I didn't really know you.


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