Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekends are just my favorite...

Weekends are my favorite!!  Sunday nights?... not so much!!!  HA!  It's such a shame that the weekends go so fast.

As far as weekends go, I had a pretty good one!!  Friday, I worked late because I had to do After Care.  I usually don't do Fridays because I do it every other day of the week, but the Friday teacher had plans and asked me to cover so I did.  Unfortunately, I got home really late because a child was picked up an hour late.  Boooo...

I was getting nervous though, because I was having my sister, her boyfriend and my bestie over to watch game 7 of the Rangers Playoff game.  I walked in the door at 6:55 and my friend arrived at 7!  Good thing since we've been friends 32 years, she doesn't care if I leave her for a few minutes to go change and freshen up!  My sister and her boyfriend arrived in time for game time!!  We watched the first two periods here, then decided to to head into town to watch the rest at one of the bars.  This probably wasn't the best idea!!  From there the night went downhill.  

Tampa Bay scored two goals in the third period, and the Rangers lost the game. #insertsadfacehere 

Leaving the bar we had a plant thrown at us. (Like Seriously...Who does that??)  LOL...some stupid drunk idiot was throwing the plant at his girlfriend and it hit us instead. (She should dump him!) I thought there was gonna be a fight right there on the sidewalk but that was avoided!    

After that, we headed down to another bar that just opened! It's a Tex Mex place and Tequila Bar. Here, the glass of  tequila slipped off their brand new, shiny, SLANTED bar!!  Crazy!  It really was a comedy of errors!  But we did say that we would go there again!  The food smelled really yummy!! And new places need time to find their footing!  

Saturday morning my bestie and I headed to breakfast at another place in town!  It has the reputation for the best breakfast and did not disappoint.  I now wish though that I got something other than chocolate chip pancakes!!  But I'll be frequenting this place a lot this summer!!

After breakfast we actually went to an Open House at a a brand new complex in my town.  It'd be really cool if Mel lived in my town and there because it is so freaking awesome (and I could use her pool and gym...) but it's just too long of a commute to work for her!!

I seem to be talking about my town a lot in this post!  If you missed Friday's post about my neck of the woods, you can find it here!

After that we came back and spent some much needed time in the sun!!  After Mel headed home I stayed out and read until the sun went down.  When she texted me that she got home later on that night, I told her I actually fell asleep for a bit!  I really hope I didn't have my mouth wide open or anything because I was in my rocking chair...IN THE FRONT!! Eeeekkkk  But I did gets lots of color!  So YAY!

Today was not the best day for laying out but there are some peeks of sun, Every time I tried to sit out the sun went behind a huge cloud.  So I just gave up and came in.  It really was a lazy Sunday if there ever was one.  Sundays are my typical lessons and laundry day. I did none of that!!! Instead my ass was on the couch binge watching this....

Kinda cray people!!  But so addicting and really good.  I just couldn't stop watching!!  I'm invested...

So tomorrow I will have to just do my laundry and plan.  The only thing I'm really mad at myself for not doing is After Care admin work, because I know that gonna take a while. UGH!!  Not only am I am After Care teacher for the kids after school, I am also the Administrator of the Program!  LUCKY  ME!  But I don't think the parents will mind waiting a day for the bills!  HA!!

And is it weird that sometimes I feel like Monday is the better day to do things because I am already up, have worked and been motivated?!?  Like,  I think I'll be ok with spending 4 hours on my work tomorrow night because it's just a continuation of the work day!  Maybe I'm just making excuses for myself....

Oh and I may have treated myself to a little something before the Nordstrom Sale ended today!  And with double cash back on ebates!  I got this maxi dress.
I am worried, it's going to be long on me but figured it was worth a shot. Some of the reviewers who are my height said it was long and others said it was ok!  So I guess we'll see!  But the free returns are the beauty of Nordstrom!! I think this color will look great with a tan!!

Now it's already 11 p.m. on Sunday night!!  YUCK!!  I'm off to bed!!  Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!


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  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend other than the plant being thrown at you guys... yikes. I am just like you I would rather work more on Monday than work late on Sunday night.

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm so addicted to Married at First Sight - i'm really interested to see who makes it!!! Sounds like a really great weekend and with blah weather why not binge watch stuff on the couch! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That maxi dress is fabulous. I've never seen Married at First Sight, it sounds crazy!

  4. You got a plant thrown at your?!?! Fun weekend, lol! Love Married at First Sight. I think the first season was better tho. I feel like none of these couples are going to stay together. Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. It's June today! School is almost done!!!!

  6. Love your new maxi dress. I haven't seen Married at First Sight but I hear it is a good watch.

  7. OK, so I loved all the pics on IG over the weekend! And for reals---a plant?!? Yes, she should totally dump the loser even if he didn't hit her. OK, you know I love Married at First Sight but I haven't been able to really get into this season and I really wanted to because I loved the first season---probably because I had extra insight since one of my girlfriends is dating the brother of Cortney and I got some inside skinny. I don't feel certain that any of the couples from this season will stay together. Oh, and I love your new dress! Happy Monday!

  8. Married at first sight is seriously addicting to watch haha!

  9. sundays can be such binge tv/Netflix days. and yay for a good Nordstrom find on sale!


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